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This Tuesday’s Special Election for Prince William County Supervisor Offers a Stark Choice Between an Excellent Democrat and a Far-Right Republican Who Is “Unfit to Represent Us”

Go Kerensa Sumers!


This Tuesday, there’s not one but TWO important special elections here in Virginia. The one that you’ve almost certainly heard about is in VA04, to fill the seat of the late Rep. Donald McEachin (D). In that one, make sure you vote for – and remind everyone you know to vote for – VA State Senator Jennifer McClellan, who will make a superb Congresswoman and who is facing a far-right-extremist opponent who would be a disaster.

Speaking of far-right extremists and disasters, the OTHER important special election this Tuesday will be in Prince William County’s Gainesville district, located in the northwestern portion of the county (see here for a map),  to fill the seat formerly held by Republican Pete Candland, who resigned in December 2022 “after facing a recall petition and lawsuits over the PW Digital Gateway data center project in his district.”

The election features an excellent Democrat, Kerensa Sumers, “the daughter of a social worker and a Church Deacon” for whom “advocacy and public service have been in my veins since I was a young girl.” In stark contrast is the Republican nominee, Bob Weir, who as you can see from the following mailers, is “unfit to represent us.” Why? As the mailers explain:

  • Weir had to apologize for a “racially offensive” email, which ended, “Thanks Covid and Gov. Coonman for depressing the commercial sector.” Lovely, huh?
  • Weir also “was served with a summons charging him with ‘curse and abuse’, according to Virginia court documents.” The mailers also note that Weir was “charged with public swearing and intoxication at a community gathering.” Not cool at all.
  • Weir “was questioned by police” in relation to this incident, “for a post critical of Prince William County Executive Melissa Peacor featuring an Internet ‘meme’ of an actor pointing a gun.” Yikes.

In stark contrast, Democrat Kerensa Sumers is running on a platform of “opportunity for all,” of “ensur[ing] Prince William is a a place where all families can thrive,” of “protecting parks and green space,” “expanding transportation options,”fully funding our schools,” “fighting for jobs,” etc.

So if the choice isn’t clear in this election, when will it ever be? This Tuesday, if you live in Gainesville district in Prince William County, make sure you vote for Democrat Kerensa Sumers!

P.S. I’m told that this district is probably close to 50-50 (Hillary Clinton won it; Tim Kaine won it; Joe Biden won it; some at-large Dems in PWC have won it in the past; Jennifer Wexton just won it with 50.25%). So…it’s definitely winnable; let’s win it!


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