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Video: Sen. Mark Warner Comments on Ft. Gregg-Adams Renaming, Debt Ceiling, AI’s Promise and Perils, Bijan Ghaisar Case, etc.


See below for video of Sen. Mark Warner’s press availability, during which he commented on a variety of topics:

  • The renaming of Ft. Lee to Ft. Gregg-Adams: “I hope that Donald McEachin is smiling down from heaven” on this, since “this effort was actually started by” him.
  • The debt ceiling: “We have to make absolutely, explictly clear that we are not going to default on the full faith and credit of the United States; nothing would be worse, nothing would be more advantageous to our possible adversaries like China and Russia than to have this self-imposed political hand grenade exploded sometime during the summer, so we shouldn’t default…when President Trump was in, we raised the debt ceiling three times…unfortunately, that’s not the way the House is trying to approach this.”
  • The balance of flights coming out of National Airport and Dulles Airport: “Sen. Kaine and I…have said…we should not tip the balance one way or the other.”
  • Catch[ing] up with the enormous growth of artificial intelligence”: “Artificial intelligence offers a lot of possibilities, it also ought to scare us on a going-forward basis about how unrestrained AI could literally take over key functions…we can’t do what we did with social media and say, ‘alright you guys, go break things and we’ll figure out how to put guardrails around 10 years from now’, that would be a DISASTER in the case of artificial intelligence.”
  • The Bijan Ghaisar case: “Bijan’s family never got justice. And as an American, it’s embarrassing to me how the family was treated by the Park Police, how they were not kept informed…the fact that there’s not any process in place within the Park Police on how to even do their internal affairs investigation…And as a family that came here from Iran and were living out the American Dream, it was so hard so many times for me to explain away how our systems in terms of due process and rule of law never really worked for them at all…I hope this financial settlement will give some peace, but I know the family doesn’t feel like they received justice, and I agree with them.”

Check it out!


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