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Despite Massive, Incontrovertible Evidence to the Contrary, Trumpist VA GOP Flat-Out Denies That There Even *IS* Systemic Racism

There have been TONS of books written on the subject; here are a few...


There are multiple lies – in addition to astounding, willful ignorance – in the following tweet by the VA GOP(Q), which claims (100% falsely) that “systemic racism is a myth perpetrated by leftists to keep people angry at one another for political again. In fact:

a) systemic racism is VERY real
b) its reality has nothing to do with “leftists” (which, in the minds of Republicans, is anyone in this country who isn’t an all-out MAGA/Trump cultist)
c) in fact, Rs are the ones who relentlessly stoke anger/fear/bigotry in order to fire up their “base” and win elections (this goes back to the infamous “Southern Strategy,” Richard Nixon, Lee Atwater, etc.);
d) etc.

Also, as Chris Ambrose points out (see his tweet, below), this is the same party whose governor (Glenn Youngkin) has sought to suppress/whitewash the teaching of Black history, whether about Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., segregation, Barack Obama, etc. And, of course, keep in mind that the Republican Party is led by Donald Trump, a virulent racist who – among many other things – talked about “shithole countries” (in his warped/racist mind, countries that aren’t mostly White, like in Scandinavia) and even promoted the nasty/racist “Birther” lie against Barack Obama, our nation’s first Black president.

Per the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops – not exactly a flaming “leftist” organization! – here’s what systemic racism and why we need to fight against it.

Also, although it’s highly unlikely that the VA GOP(Q) will actually read anything on this topic, everyone else should, so here’s a list (and here as well) of books on systemic racism and racial injustice:

And many, many more…


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