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VA House Democratic Caucus Reports Over $2 Million for 2Q23; Leader Don Scott Contributes Over $1 Million to the Caucus

"This demonstrates our commitment to taking back the House"


From the VA House Democratic Caucus:


Leader Don Scott Contributes Over One Million Dollars to the Caucus

RICHMOND, VA – Today, the House Democratic Caucus reported $2.3 million raised for the second quarter. This makes more than $2.9 million raised since January, marking more raised this year than at this point in 2021. House Democratic Leader Don Scott also announced more than one million dollars invested into the Caucus since becoming Leader with a $600,000 contribution, following previous donations totalling $425,000. This makes history as the most money raised during Q2 and the most money raised at this point in the year in comparison to any previous sitting Democratic Minority Leader.

There is a clear momentum behind the diverse and accomplished Democratic candidates.  Leader Scott’s contribution highlights his outstanding leadership and commitment to the mission for Democrats to flip the House of Delegates this November and take back the Majority.

“This demonstrates our commitment to taking back the House,” said Leader Don Scott. “This contribution highlights exactly what I’ve been saying: the Democrats have a winning formula and the people are with us. People are sick of living under the unsuccessful government run by the Virginia GOP and their extreme MAGA agenda. We’re nowhere near done, but the energy is with us and I am excited to see it all the way through Election Day.”

Amy Friedman, Executive Director of the House Democratic Caucus said, “This history-making raise highlights the momentum that our Democratic candidates have to take back the majority this November. With the historic support of Leader Scott, we’re entering the general election with a warchest that shows we’re ready to win in November and take back the majority on behalf of hard working Virginians across the commonwealth.”


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