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At MAGA Rally in Manassas, Freedom Virginia Mobile Billboard Reminds Voters of John Stirrup’s Plan to Ban Abortion

"Accountability Truck Blasts Audio of Stirrup Promising 'a 100% Ban' on Abortion"


From Freedom Virginia:

At MAGA Rally in Manassas, Freedom Virginia Mobile Billboard Reminds Voters of John Stirrup’s Plan to Ban Abortion

Accountability Truck Blasts Audio of Stirrup Promising “a 100% Ban” on Abortion

MANASSAS, Va. — While MAGA Republican candidates held a rally in Manassas this afternoon, Freedom Virginia reminded voters of extremist John Stirrup’s dangerous plan to ban abortion entirely. Press, elected officials, and attendees of the “Secure Your Vote” rally were greeted by the Freedom Virginia accountability truck: a mobile digital billboard displaying and blasting audio of John Stirrup’s own words.

This June, Stirrup said he would support “a 100% ban” on abortion, posing extreme risk to Virginia women’s access to healthcare. His comments were reported by the Washington Post, and illustrate the type of out-of-touch agenda that Republicans would bring to Virginia if elected this November.  This weekend’s rally came just weeks before MAGA Republicans in Congress are likely to force a federal government shutdown, posing a severe risk to hardworking Virginia families and our economy.

In poll after poll, Virginians have shown that they want a government focused on improving affordability, investing in schools and supporting families’ economic freedom — yet Stirrup has joined MAGA Republicans in an effort to change Virginia law and pass an abortion ban.

Rhena Hicks, Executive Director of Freedom Virginia has released the following statement:

“Freedom Virginia is committed to creating a commonwealth where all families can thrive, and that includes access to reproductive health care and abortion. We will not allow personal freedoms and health care to be stripped from our fellow Virginians. John Stirrup has already proven he will take away reproductive freedoms, which freedoms will he go for next?”

Freedom Virginia is a nonpartisan 501(c)4 organization committed to building a Commonwealth where all Virginia families have the freedom to thrive. Freedom Virginia advances economic security policies through grassroots activism, voter engagement and legislative advocacy. Our efforts began in 2020 and since then we’ve pushed for a more economically secure Virginia by sharing real stories about Virginians’ lack of access to affordable healthcare, education, energy, and the need for policies that foster more safety for families. Visit our website at freedomva.org to learn more. 

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