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The VA General Assembly Kicks Off Its 2024 Session Wednesday. Here Are a Few of the Best…and WORST Bills So Far.


With the Virginia General Assembly kicking off its 2024 session tomorrow (Wednesday), to date the number of bills introduced has been relatively low compared to 2020 or 2021, when Democrats had a governing “trifecta.” Of course, it could be that Republican legislators are aware that almost none of their extreme bills has a chance in hell of making it through Democratic House of Delegates and State Senate majorities, while Democratic legislators are aware that almost nothing even remotely progressive or pro-environment will be signed into law by Trump-loving Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin. Still, there have been a bunch of bills introduced, some very good (almost all by Democrats) and some very bad (almost all by Republicans). So with that, see below for a sampling of some of the best and worst bills so far.


Given the Trump Republican Party’s and far-right Supreme Court’s assault on women’s reproductive freedom, it’s crucial that SJ1 – guaranteeing women the fundamental right to reproductive freedom – pass this session, then pass again in 2026, then be approved by the voters in November 2026. The good news is that Youngkin can’t veto this.

Trump Republicans are also assaulting Americans’ right to vote, making SJ2 (patron: Sen. Mamie Locke) and HJ1 (by Del. Charniele Herring) also crucial!

“Delegate-Elect Rae Cousins (D-79) will introduce legislation to increase school funding and decrease student to teacher ratios, enhance tenants’ rights in eviction court, and improve the criminal justice system.”

It’s LOOONG past time to take a hard look at the “Dillon Rule” and seriously consider making major changes to it.

Three excellent bills by Del.-elect Alex Askew (D)

Translation: this is an excellent bill by Del. Dan Helmer and should absolutely pass!

Another very good bill by Del. Dan Helmer.

In stark contrast to the horrible bills being put in by Republicans like Tim Griffin, here are some excellent bills by Del.-elect Phil Hernandez (D)

Excellent bill by VA Del. David Reid stipulates that “any person who is found to have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the United States or to have given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof shall be disqualified from holding any office of the Commonwealth or of its governmental units in accordance with Section 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment”

HB273 (@DavidReidVA) chips away at the paternalistic 1 yr waiting period for a divorce, eliminating it in the case of cruelty, fear of harm, or desertion. Some day maybe adults will be allowed to make adult decisions about their lives w/o begging the govt.” – VAPLAN/Cindy

“The data is clear: no abusive partner should have access to guns.” – VA Del.-elect Adele McClure

Two more excellent bills by Delegate-elect Adele McClure (D-Arlington).

Good bill by Del. Dan Helmer, although most insurrectionists haven’t been convicted of “rioting or insurrections related to elections,” even if they should have been by now, so still wouldn’t be forced to resign. How about we just enforce the 14th amendment of the constitution?!?

Excellent, let’s do this! (also note, Glenn Youngkin has no power to block constitutional amendments)

Excellent bill by Del. Joshua Cole; as a state-regulated monopoly utility, Dominion shouldn’t be able to attempt to influence those who are tasked with regulating it.

Del. Marcus Simon bill “Prohibits the carrying of certain semi-automatic center-fire rifles, pistols, and shotguns on any public street, road, alley, sidewalk, or public right-of-way or in any public park or any other place of whatever nature that is open to the public.”

Bill by Del.-elect Rozia Henson: “Marriage lawful regardless of sex, gender, or race of parties; issuance of marriage license.”

This needs to pass: “Constitutional amendment (first reference); marriage between two individuals; repeal of same-sex marriage prohibition; affirmative right to marry.”

Important bill from new Del. Callsen would finally allow ALL localities to raise local taxes for school construction projects (with voter approval by referendum), instead of just the handful who’ve sought and obtained the General Assembly’s permission” – VAPLAN/Cindy

Two good bills by Del.-elect Marty Martinez (D)

As VAPLAN says: “Better safe than sorry, @PriceForDel95 files bill to affirmatively put a right to contraception into the code. We didn’t think they’d take Roe away, but here we are. Let’s be proactive about protecting peoples’ rights. “
A bill by Sen. Louise Lucas raising the minimum wage to $13.50 per hour effective 1/1/25 and $15 per hour effective 1/1/26. Let’s do it!Good one by Del. Patrick Hope (D-Arlington)
From VAPLAN: “Love this bill from @AdeleMcClure_and @AlexAskew757 that would give localities the ability to require EV charging stations in new developments with 7 or more residences per acre.” 
A few of VA State Senator-elect Saddam Salim’s excellent bills


“Putting in a ‘day of tears’ resolution (mourning 1973 Roe’s passage) when Democrats won a majority on the issue of abortion access, and when such resolution would do nothing & just be a political statement if passed, suggests Tim Griffin (by request) is not a serious legislator.” – VAPLAN/Cindy

Oh, and it’s not just far-right Del.-elect Tim Griffin; in fact, almost every House Republican is likely to vote for this horrible bill if it comes to the floor. In fact, the real “day of tears” was the one in which the far-right US Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade.

More likely, Tim Griffin’s bills this session are all going to be “dead on arrival”

Yet ANOTHER horrible bill by far-right-extremist Del.-elect Tim Griffin (R)

Another horrible bill (in this case, voter suppression) by VA far-right-extremist Del.-elect Tim Griffin (R). In short, this guy wants to make it much harder to vote, much easier to carry any type of gun anywhere.

Another really bad bill by far-right VA Del.-elect Tim Griffin (R). If anything should be banned from the VRS, it should be *investing in fossil fuels*.

Tommy Norment is the same person who…see below for a long list of his controversies, including ” an extramarital relationship with a female lobbyist “

Harmful, destructive, polluting, ignorant bills by right-wingnut State Sen. Richard Stuart (R) and Del. Tony Wilt (R). Straight into Sen. Lucas’ proverbial trash can they go!

Does right-wing State Senator Mark Peake (R) ever introduce any good bills? It seems unlikely, and this one certainly isn’t helpful…

Far-right-extremist VA Del. Nick Freitas (R), as usual focused like a laser beam on making the lives of his constituents better. Oh wait…of course he’s not doing that! LOL


Also, whatever budget bill(s) Glenn Youngkin introduces will, obviously, be horrible – regressive, destructive, you name it.




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