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Biden Campaign: Trump Is Not Seeking Haley’s Voters, He Is Driving Them Away

"Trump’s approach is no surprise from someone who spreads division and hate like most of us breathe air."


From the Biden for President campaign:

To: Interested Parties

From: Communications Director Michael Tyler

Subject: Trump Is Not Seeking Haley’s Voters, He Is Driving Them Away

Date: March 6, 2024

Donald Trump heads into the general election weak with a divided Republican Party and unable to build a coalition that can win in November. A winning presidential candidate looks to build bridges and expand beyond their base – to attract the critical suburban, independent, and moderate voters that decide elections. Not Trump. He spent the morning mocking Haley and her voters, following her exit from the race.

Trump’s approach is no surprise from someone who spreads division and hate like most of us breathe air. But it is quite the choice given that millions of Republican primary voters sent an explicit message throughout the primary contest. When Nikki Haley called out Donald Trump for the chaos, division, and extremism that he embodies, when she called out his inability to see right from wrong, when she called out his pandering to dictators like Vladimir Putin while throwing our NATO allies under the bus, her voters rejected Trump at the ballot box. And many of them were explicit in their rejection of him, saying that they would not support Donald Trump in November.

Trump and his campaign are ignoring the warning signs blaring. The voters who are going to determine this election rejected him and his candidates in 2020, 2022, 2023, and now 2024. Instead of learning from those elections, he is driving these same suburban, moderate, and independent voters away with his divisive rhetoric and his extreme Project 2025 agenda to ban abortion, restrict birth control, repeal the Affordable Care Act, and take our country backwards.

President Biden knows the importance of coalition-building and being a president for all Americans: “Donald Trump made it clear he doesn’t want Nikki Haley’s supporters. I want to be clear: There is a place for them in my campaign.” Every day until November the president and his campaign will reach out to all voters who support preserving American democracy, standing up for the rule of law, and treating each other with decency and dignity and respect.

Not only is Donald Trump not courting Nikki Haley and her voters – he is actively attacking and demeaning them:

  • Just this week – and while Haley was giving her suspension speech – Trump said he didn’t think he would “need” swing voters or those who voted for Haley.
  • Trump and his allies have said anyone who isn’t MAGA isn’t welcome in the Republican Party. That they have to get “rid” of moderate voters and kick them “out” of Trump’s Republican Party. That includes Haley and her supporters, who Trump has threatened, intimidated and vowed to blacklist from the party.
  • Trump has, for months, demeaned Nikki Haley herself, calling her “birdbrain,” promoting a racist birther lie about her, and mocking her name. He even attacked Haley for her husband being gone – Michael Haley is currently serving abroad on a National Guard mission.

As Trump doubles down on support for a national abortion ban and undermining our democracy, his glaring weakness with suburban voters, independents, and moderates continues – the very voters who are going to decide this election:

  • In Michigan, Trump underperformed in suburban areas like Oakland and Washtenaw counties near Detroit and Ottawa and Kent counties near Grand Rapids.
  • In South Carolina, Haley beat Trump in three suburban and college areas by double digits.
  • In North Carolina, Haley overperformed in Durham, Mecklenburg, Orange, and Wake counties – key suburban areas that puts the state in play in November.
  • In Virginia, Haley won DC suburbs that are similar to key suburban areas across the battleground states – Fairfax, Alexandria, and Arlington.
  • In Minnesota, Haley overperformed in the Minneapolis suburbs and outright won Denver County in Colorado.
  • NBC News exit polls had Trump losing moderates by 30 points in North Carolina and 38 points in Virginia.
  • CNN exit polling shows Trump losing by 16 points with independent voters in Virginia.
  • In primary after primary, a significant section of GOP primary voters made clear they do not want to support Donald Trump in November:
  • ABC News exit polls found 78% of Haley voters in North Carolina, 69% in California and 68% in Virginia would not commit to supporting Trump in November.
  • CNN exit polling showed 24% in North Carolina and 36% in Virginia of GOP primary voters would be dissatisfied if Trump is the party’s nominee.
  • Fox News exit polling found 6 in 10 Haley voters (59%) say they would not support Trump in the general election if he were the nominee; very few of her supporters (12%) would be satisfied if he were the nominee.
  • At least 20% of voters in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina have now said they will not vote for Trump in November.

What Haley voters have said about Trump:


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