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WHAT THEY ARE SAYING: President Biden’s State of the Union Was “A Home Run”

"I didn’t get a glimpse of anything involving age, or the lack thereof, of being able to deliver and be the President of the United States.”


From the Biden campaign:

WHAT THEY ARE SAYING: President Biden’s State of the Union Was “A Home Run”

During his State of the Union address, President Biden laid out his unifying vision for the nation: building an economy that gives everyone a fair shot, protecting reproductive freedom, standing with our allies, and defending democracy. It’s a vision that could not be more different than Donald Trump’s plans to enact revenge and retribution, strip Americans of their fundamental rights, and spread hate and division. Last night, voters overwhelmingly approved of the “fiery,” “strong,” and “powerful” vision from President Biden.

Here’s a snapshot of what pundits, analysts, and officials are saying about the president’s homerun speech:

On the Airwaves:

Biden-Harris 2024 Co-Chair Mitch Landrieu: If you had eyes and ears, you saw a president that was tough, that was smart, that was ready for the fight, that took it to people and talked about the American people. For two weeks before that, every pundit in America was putting Joe Biden in the grave, as if 81 was the most important number. The president said, it’s not my numerical age but the youth of my ideas. He brought the heat, and he did an unbelievable job last night.

What I would like to ask everybody in America is, can we finally put to rest whether Joe Biden is up to the task of governing this country? Listen, as a mayor, I can tell you, there is no congressman, no governor, no CEO in America who can stand up and do what Joe Biden did last night. It’s hard. It requires concentration. I think he also demonstrated to people that we have an existential threat, and we have a choice to make in this country. the choice is really clear. you can choose Donald Trump, who every time his lips are moving, he’s lying and he’s delusional, he is hoping America has amnesia about how dark and backward-looking he is and how narrow his view is, taking away people’s rights. Or, vote for a president who delivers, has promised that as a future-looking person, he is optimistic and expanding people’s rights in America, and he’ll fight for everyday Americans opposed to the richest folks in the country. He couldn’t have made it clearer, couldn’t have done it better, and I thought he hit it out of the park last night.

Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi: “What he did was spectacular. He did it with vigor, with patriotism. I think it was one of the finest State of the Union addresses and I’ve seen many.”

Senator Chris Murphy: “The president came out and just knocked everyone out.”

Van Jones: “Very proud, very proud. Look, strong at the beginning, strong on Ukraine, strong about January … 6th, strong in the middle. He was, well, he put his chest out for those Republicans. He ain’t scared of the Republicans. He said, hey, let’s … fight right now about the border. Let’s fight right now about these tax cuts for gazillionaires. Strong at the end, owning his age issue. I thought that was a remarkable, fiery, powerful, vigorous guy.”

Joy Reid: “I think the speech was high caffeine and Joe Biden woke up this morning and had a cup of coffee and his Wheaties and he was definitely there to fight … he came in there tonight ready to fight for the presidency and fight for the White House in a way that I didn’t expect. The speech was incredibly aggressive and he opened, as Nicole said, with World War II, Hitler, appeasement, and he went right for the people in front of him.”

Kate Bedingfield: “He knows who he is, and so when he’s talking about these issues, he talks about things from a place of his own experience. … As he’s explaining where he stands on things, he really, he takes the time to talk about why he feels that way, why he’s been shaped that way… that’s the perfect example. I mean, you know, and you saw that frequently throughout the speech, again, because he was comfortable.”

Dana Bash: “He certainly met the moment that … members of his party, those who are really upset and worried about this coming election year and frankly, what would happen if he didn’t win another this time because of their concerns about who’s on the other side of the ticket. They wanted him to be a fighter and boy, fight did he deliver.”

Mini Timmaraju: “I was sitting with Amanda Zurawski. When the president looked at the Supreme Court and delivered those lines, it was exactly what we needed to hear, what women in America needed to hear. That is the fighting Joe Biden we need back in this race, and it felt powerful, it felt empowering. It is exactly the right tone to start swinging out the gate for our fundamental freedoms. I think that the big, big win tonight for us.”

Ashley Allison: “The thing that was funny about Katy Britt’s response is, I’m not married and I’m not a mom, so what about me, Katy? Who are you talking like? And a lot of Black women fall into that category. So it felt like I didn’t have a place in her party of the Republican Party. But Joe Biden was saying, I want kids to be able to read, I want to fund HBCUs. I want to fund minority serving institutions. Republicans didn’t stand. I cut student loan debt. And so I can now say to people, ‘this is what he some he has already done and some he will continue to do.’”

Jeff Zeleny: “As the President takes his State of the Union message on the road, of course, one stop, not surprisingly, will be here in battleground Michigan. You’re right, the economy and foreign policy, front and center on the minds of voters. But I can tell you I was at a watch party tonight with Biden supporters, and there were a feelings of anxiety and apprehension among his own supporters going into the speech. That quickly changed as the speech wore on. We caught up with one small business owner here Briahna Knowles, who said she was impressed and surprised by the President.”

Briahna Knowles: “Overall, it was a different side of him that came out. He was, like I said, very confident, very reassuring of the things that he has done for our country. And I didn’t get a glimpse of anything involving age, or the lack thereof, of being able to deliver and be the President of the United States.”


Joe Scarborough: Biden’s best speech.

Underestimated again.

Mike Memoli: .@POTUS getting a lot of attaboys on the floor as he leaves now. Multiple “knocked it out of the park”s. Rep. Nadler said to him, nobody’s going to be talking about cognitive abilities now. “You brought the Irish fire,” Rep. Pat Ryan said.

Alex Seitz-Wald: NEW: Joe Biden said he wanted to use his State of the Union to “wake up” Congress, but he was the one who seemed suddenly awake, delivering one of the feistiest and most political presidential addresses to Congress in recent memory.

Mike Memoli: .@POTUS is still on the House floor. One of the House officers just said to him: “Mr. President, they can’t leave until you leave.”

“Are they Democrats or Republicans?” Biden joked back.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer: ​​The speech showed that America is strong and President Biden is strong.


House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries: President Biden showed up, delivered a forceful speech and smoked the MAGA extremists.

My dude.

Ted Lieu: Because of the American people, the State of our Union is strong and getting stronger.

President Biden is strong and getting stronger.

Tonight @POTUS hit a home run, scored a touchdown and ended with a slam dunk.



Cami Mondeaux: Democrats chanting “Four more years!” as Biden walks through the chamber

Maria Cardona: YES! @POTUS came to play!!!

Matt Compton: Joe Biden’s debate against Paul Ryan was his best political moment until his debate against Donald Trump until his 2023 State of the Union until his 2024 State of the Union.

Every time he has to show up as a leader, Joe Biden seizes the moment.

Justin Wolfers: My word this is a muscular speech. So far it’s the strongest State of the Union opening I’ve ever seen.

Geoff Garin: Donald Trump is utterly incapable of delivering a speech this strong, clear, and coherent.

Patrick Gaspard: Powerful that @POTUS  is opening with a salvo on freedom and democracy – and is making the contrast clear with the MAGA Putin huggers who were hosting Orban today.

Ezra Levin: Biden just throwing punch after punch after punch. Have you seen a SOTU like this before?

Molly Jong-Fast: This is a good speech and Biden seems really fiery and keyed up.

Sophia Cai: In front of the Supreme Court Justices in attendance, Biden says:

“With all due respect, justices, women are not without electoral or political power.”


Donna Brazile: President Joe Biden was on fire tonight. He gave a master class on how to defend America’s future and the future of our democracy. From the start, you understood what side he was on — giving credit to the American people. Thanks


Tommy Vietor: Love that Biden decided to lean into the big political fights right at the top, like Ukraine funding, abortion, January 6th, the hypocrisy for voting against the infrastructure bill. Seems feisty and energized & puts all the good stuff at the top while people are still watching.

Bill Burton: This is one of the best and most definitional election year state of the union addresses I’ve ever seen. This election is a choice. President Biden is making that clear.

Amie Parnes: Dems are loving spitting fire Biden. I’m hearing from a lot of them, even ones who were skeptical about him going into tonight.

Lauren Fox: Biden mocks Republicans who voted against Infrastructure bill and still tout it as if they did. He jokes  “if any of you don’t want that money in your districts, just let me know.” @PeteButtigieg smiling pretty big.


Victor Shi: I’m on a flight and the guy sitting next to me who’s watching the State of the Union with me just turned to me and said, “President Biden is killing it.” I couldn’t agree more. President Biden is killing it right now & I’m so proud.

Larry Sabato: Yeah, it’s a homerun. #StateOfTheUnion

Mark Hertling: Right out of the gate. @POTUS ain’t playin’

Charlotte Alter: Biden is doing very well tonight. He sounds strong, energetic and forceful. He came to play

Tina Smith: Seemed pretty energetic to me…


Rick Wilson: Can we dispense with the media fantasy that Biden isn’t ready for the fight?

This speech was a barnburner.

Bill Burton: This is one of the best and most definitional election year state of the union addresses I’ve ever seen.

This election is a choice. President Biden is making that clear.

Grace Segers: Warnock, a preacher, to Biden after the speech: “That was a sermon tonight!”

Meredith Lee: caught on mic – Rep. Pat Ryan (D-NY) to Biden: “you brought the Irish fire tonight”


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