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Opponents of Proposed Dominion Gas Plant File Appeal with Chesterfield County Board of Zoning Appeals


From Friends of Chesterfield:

Opponents of Proposed Dominion Gas Plant File Appeal with Chesterfield County Board of Zoning Appeals

CHESTERFIELD, VA – Friends of Chesterfield filed an appeal on Monday to the Chesterfield County Board of Zoning Appeals challenging the county’s actions in response to Dominion Energy’s plans to build a 1000-megawatt methane gas plant near Dutch Gap. 

“County leaders have an obligation to listen to our concerns about this dirty gas plant and the impact it will have on our health and our power bills,” said Glen Besa, Chair of Friends of Chesterfield. “Ignoring local residents and pushing this project forward without our input is unacceptable.”

On May 24th, the Chesterfield Deputy County Administrator sent a letter to Dominion Energy certifying the facility is consistent with local ordinances for 500 Coxendale Road in Chesterfield. Dominion’s only public page about the project lists a location one mile north of this address as the official site of the project. In its appeal, Friends of Chesterfield asserts the administrator’s certification is invalid without Board of Supervisors approval and that the certification is based on insufficient information about the plant.

Community opponents have raised serious concerns over the health, financial and environmental risks associated with the project. The plant is expected to generate more than 1,110 tons of toxic air pollutants per year and is likely to raise electric bills for Dominion customers.  

“My family has put up with decades of coal dust and toxic air pollution from Dominion’s old coal plant; we deserve a break,” said Duane Brankley, who lives two miles from the proposed site of the facility and who is a co-appellant in the appeal. “Building a new gas plant will put thousands of families and children at risk of breathing toxic air for another 40 years.” 

Friends of Chesterfield is planning a rally in opposition to the project outside the Board of Supervisors meeting this Wednesday, June 26th at 6 PM at 10001 Iron Bridge Road, Chesterfield, VA 23832. Chesterfield county residents can register to attend the event here.


 Friends of Chesterfield is a community-based group in Chesterfield County dedicated to bringing residents together around the issues that impact our lives. Friends of Chesterfield was formed in 2023 in response to Dominion Energy’s proposed 1000-megawatt methane gas power plant.


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