Friday, October 30, 2020
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What Is Our “Alternative Vision of Governing”?

Lowell invited me to contribute a post after I expressed frustration about one of his posts earlier this month. I agreed with what he had to say, which was that GOP ideas lack specificity and impact. My frustration was with the lack of a positive message from Democrats. We progressives spend too much time, in my opinion, denigrating GOP talking points when we could better use the time developing our own compelling message.

I was chagrined by a recent Washington Post article that had the temerity to point out the truth: Our leaders in Richmond have no message and seemingly no strategy. Perhaps it's there. But I don't see it.

Prior to strategy, of course, is an objective. And to have an objective (besides winning elections) in politics, it seems, you need a clear set of principles that drive your efforts. We've all heard this in various forums.  

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