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Frank Wolf will not seek reelection in 2014

Well, it had to happen sooner or later:


Washington, D.C. (December 17, 2013) - Rep. Frank Wolf (R-10th) today announced that he would not seek election to an 18th term in 2014.

He released the following statement announcing his decision:  

"I have decided not to seek re-election to the U.S. Congress in 2014.  It has been an honor to serve the people of northern Virginia and the Shenandoah Valley.  I thank my constituents for giving me the privilege of representing them in Congress for 34 years.

"As a follower of Jesus, I am called to work for justice and reconciliation, and to be an advocate for those who cannot speak for themselves.  I plan to focus my future work on human rights and religious freedom - both domestic and international - as well as matters of the culture and the American family.  My passion for these issues has been influenced by the examples of President Ronald Reagan, former Congressmen Jack Kemp and Tony Hall, Chuck Colson, and the life of 19th century Member of Parliament William Wilberforce.

"I want to thank the many excellent former and current members of my staff who have helped me serve the people of the 10th District.  I am also grateful to my wife, Carolyn, and my family, who have faithfully stood by me all these many years."

NOTE: Wolf was first elected in 1980 and is the dean of the Virginia congressional delegation.  He has represented all or parts of the following counties and cities since being elected:  Arlington, Fairfax, Loudoun, Prince William, Fauquier, Clarke, Frederick, Warren, Shenandoah, Rockingham, Rappahannock, Page, Winchester, Manassas and Manassas Park.


As Maurice Sendak once wrote,"Let the Wild Rumpus begin!"

Netroots AWOL? Huh?

For those who don't know, I am a Republican blogger.  But I think the denizens of the blogosphere should look out for each other, and when I saw this piece by Daniel Lyons I just had think, "well, that's horses**t".

Lyons argues that the Netroots abandoned Obama.  From where I watched it was the other way around. Clearly the Netroots-when allowed-slugged away for progressive candidates of their choice.  A prime example is Blue Virginia, where every effort was made to re-elect Tom Perriello.

I suspect this article reflects what will be an ongoing tendency in US politics. The Netroots/Rightroots operate at an emotional level, sharing information and motivating activists, who in turn motivate and turn out  voters. The MSM and internet savvy folks who don't understand the need to motivate activists and the ability of The Roots to do so, will continually undersell their importance and give less than full credit to their activities and efforts.


UPDATE by Lowell: Thanks to "rightosphere" blogger Bwana of Renaissance Ruminations for posting here. We don't agree on a lot of things, but I've always admired him for his writing ability (superb) and his intelligence (also superb). His political judgment, on the other hand... :)  In all seriousness, though, Bwana's a smart, sane conservative, and I'm always interested to hear what he has to say.  On this topic, I tend to agree with him. If you're interested, see the comments section for my semi-long, semi-rambling response to his diary. Thanks.

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