Monday, October 26, 2020
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Petition in Support of a Chair Who Believes in Marriage Equality

To view the letter and sign please go to :

Dear Friends-

As many of you are aware, we have a nominee being brought forward as our next state party chair who does not support same sex marriage.  You may have already seen the release issued by the LGBT Caucus of the State Party.

Several local chairs and I have prepared the attached letter that states, in part:
"As Democrats in the Commonwealth of Virginia, we believe that our next party chair must share in the principles of equal rights for all Virginians.  This includes the right to marry a person of the same sex and to have all of the legal rights and freedoms of any married person in the State of Virginia.  We should not support any form of discrimination based on race, religion, gender or sexual orientation."

We will make the letter publicly available tomorrow at noon with those individuals who have signed by that time.

Please share this letter as broadly as possible, but especially with State Central Committee members since they will vote to elect the next chair of the party.  As many others have stated, we are on the right side of history here and we can't go backwards after we have accomplished so much progress together.

Thank you.

- Blue Virginia Sponsor -


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