Thursday, March 4, 2021
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RELEASE: Failed Chairman Stewart appearing with ‘mediocre’ former Senator Allen

From the Democratic Party of Virginia
Failed Chairman Stewart appearing with 'mediocre' former Senator Allen

Richmond, VA - Republican Chairman of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors Corey Stewart will appear today with George Allen, a candidate whom Stewart once described as "mediocre," "part of the problem, not the solution," and "the Brett Favre of politics."

Meanwhile, Allen, who is expected to receive Stewart's endorsement to recapture the U.S. Senate seat he lost in 2006 (a seat for which Stewart contemplated a primary challenge until recently) may want to think twice before draping his arm around a candidate with Stewart's divisive and mean-spirited approach to government that has left many of his constituents behind.

"There are no two people who better embody what is wrong with the Republican Party in Virginia than Corey Stewart and George Allen," said DPVA Chairman Brian Moran. "Instead of putting Prince William first, Stewart has used his office to demonize people and prepare himself for a future run for office.

"Perhaps the best thing Stewart has done recently is to rightly identify George Allen as a failed Senator who helped create our current economic mess in the first place. Unfortunately it looks like he's planning to flip flop on those words out of political convenience.

"Virginians deserve better leadership than what they've gotten out of Republicans like George Allen and Corey Stewart, that's why we're working so hard to get results-oriented Democrats like Babur Lateef and Tim Kaine elected."

It is time to step up, Mr. Chairman!

Today, I am disappointed by our Chairman, Corey Stewart, for his callous, reckless and cold-hearted remarks regarding the citizens of Holly Acres. In January, I announced that I was running for Chairman of the Board of County Supervisors because I believe that our county needs to do better for our people, all of our people.

In last year's budget Chairman Stewart led the fight to cut $566,685 from the budget of Social Services. Among the many important and vital services provided by the Department of Social Services is to help our residents in need find a place to live after a tragedy such as the one that Holly Acres has undergone. As Chairman, I will do everything in my power, both personally and politically to protect every resident of Prince William County. When a county resident is the victim of a tragedy no measure is too far, no effort is too great.

I am angered to learn that Chairman Stewart has set an arbitrary deadline of Friday, September 16th to evict the displaced residents of Holly Acres from shelter provided by the County. It is our responsibility to do all we can to take care of our neighbors in need. Tuesday afternoon Chairman Stewart said that the management of Holly Acres needed to "take better care of (their) residents". Mr. Chairman, now is not the time for posturing, now is the time to take your own advice. As our leader, as our Chairman, please do the right thing.  I urge you to use all county resources possible to provide extended shelter for the county residents of Holly Acres.

When I moved to Prince William County 10 years ago I knew I was moving to a great community. I am shocked that in the toughest time of their lives, our county government has turned their backs on residents who need our help the most. The families that have been affected of this tragedy have done nothing wrong. As a doctor, as a Prince William County resident and as an American I am outraged at the recent actions of our County Board.  

Virginia New Majority Endorses a New Vision For Prince William County

Our campaign just got more big news, Virginia New Majority has just endorsed Dr. Lateef for Chairman. Virginia New Majority is a non-partisan non-profit 501(c)(4) organization that has worked around the state to advance the issues you and I care so deeply about.

In their endorsement, Executive Director Jon Liss said, "Dr. Lateef will build on the best of Virginia's democratic traditions to help create a progressive future for our state. Dr. Lateef is in touch with the reality of the changing demographics of Northern Virginia, and Prince William in particular, and he aspires to lead the county towards an era of inclusiveness and economic security."

Read the full endorsement after the flip.

Prince William Educators Endorse Dr. Babur Lateef

 Today I am excited to announced that my candidacy for Chairman of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors as been endorsed by the Prince William Education Association Political Action Committee of Educators.

As the father of four and the product of the public education system I know how important schools are to our community. We need to do more to attract and retain the best teachers to Prince William County. We need to make sure our schools are centers of excellence. And we need to make sure our kids are in classrooms, not in trailers. I am honored to have the endorsement of our local teachers in this race to bring our shared new vision to Prince William County.

Last year, before I considered running for office, I was outraged at Chairman Stewart and our board choosing to turn down $17 million in federal funds to be put towards our schools. As Chairman I will not allow reckless political games to ever get in the way of providing the best education we can for our children.  

Please visit my website, to learn more about my campaign to bring a new vision to Prince William County.  

Upcoming Events: Lateef for Prince William County Board Chair

As Lowell wrote this morning, our campaign has just finished an excellent fundraising quarter, outraising Republican incumbent Corey Stewart! While I am proud and humbled by the work we have done, I know we must continue to keep up the pace.

I wanted to let you know about two very exciting fundraising events coming up this week.

First, I am having a fundraising reception at 555 Eleventh Street NW in Washington DC. This event begins at 5:30 and is being hosted by Mr. Abid R. Qureshi with special guest Senator Chap Petersen.

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