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Stacey Kincaid for Sheriff of Fairfax County


Stacey Kincaid and Mark Sites are running for the Democratic nomination for Sheriff of Fairfax County in a caucus next Tuesday. The winner Tuesday, would face likely Republican nominee, Bill Cooper in November. Cooper is a standard issue Republican and has run against Stan Barry before and will run a very active campaign. On the Democratic nomination, the bottom line is Stacey Kincaid has much more experience and union endorsements from the Deputy Sheriffs, SEIU and the Professional Firefighters and Paramedics. Case closed.

Beyond this, Stacey would be the first female Sheriff of Fairfax County and the only women on the ballot across Fairfax on November 5th. So just in Fairfax County, there would be 7 men and only 1 women running for 4 offices: Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General and Sheriff. This is kind of a big deal as VP Joe Biden might put it. I'm pretty sure women make up more than 13% of our population and that is why Stacey can help us reach out to women and men who might normally not come out to vote in an off year election. We must increase our margin of victory in Fairfax County in order to win our other statewide races and Stacey can help us do that.

If you’ve been to many Democratic events lately or check out her Facebook page, you can see Stacey is an awesome campaigner. She goes to everything and meets and talks with everyone she can. This is a critical ingredient for a winning recipe in November. This is a historic opportunity to elect the first female Sheriff in Fairfax County but there is a serious effort going on now to make sure this doesn't happen and to maintain the status quo. So if you believe in equality, here is an opportunity to make your voice heard. I hope you will join me in attending and voting for Stacey Kincaid for Sheriff of Fairfax County, next Tuesday, 6:30pm at Woodson High School Auditorium.

Stacey Kincaid for Sheriff - Facebook

Stacey Kincaid for Sheriff - Website

GOP Immigration Dilemma

Every possible option kills the Republican Party. If they do nothing they crash in the demographic death spiral Sen. Graham has talked about. Secure the border and deport non-union labor and they strengthen US labor unions and the Democratic Party and weaken corporate industries that profit off the cheap labor and finance the GOP. Pass reform with legalization and create millions of new union members and Democratic voters and still weaken corporate industries that profit off the cheap labor and finance the GOP. Check Mate.

Chopra and Fairfax at 8th District Convention

Aneesh Chopra and Justin Fairfax speak at the 8th District Democratic Convention. The other 2 primary candidates had Sen. Dick Saslaw speak on their behalf and they might want to re-think that next time. I was glad there were no small children in the room, they would have been crying. Our Virginia Coordinated Campaign Director, Michael Halle did a great job speaking on Terry McAuliffe's behalf and he made it clear that young people, minorities and women are the critical voting blocks we need to get out to vote this year in order to win. More video below the fold.

Ken Cuccinelli Needs Your Help

Please help Ken Cuccinelli and his best friend 'Ron' the pagan idol. Click on the Youtube logo and Like, Share, Tweet, ReTweet this video to move it up on the radar so everyone can learn more about the real Ken Cuccinelli. This 2007 video was taken down after they realized how insane and stupid it made Ken look. Luckily a copy was made so everyone can help.

Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent Headline NRA Convention

Gun fanatics are a key voting block in the Republican party. Without them, Republicans lose almost every election. They are just as important to Exxon, Koch Industries and Monsanto as they are to Colt, Ruger and Smith & Wesson. This well funded, passionate minority has been winning the battles in Congress and they are today launching a war against gun control at the NRA convention in Houston, Texas. We have tip toed around them for too long, trying not to activate them too much. Well guess what? They are all in and we have nothing left to lose but the lives of our children and families if we do nothing. We have been far too polite for too long and the time has come for a full court press to call them out at every opportunity. Gun fanatics are idiots and they are being used to protect the wealthiest few in this country. I hope that all of us are ready to take them on.

New NRA President Fantasizes About "Whipping" Anti-Gun Opponents

Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent Headline NRA Convention - Houston TX

Gun Fanatics to wage "extensive war" against gun control

Art Exhibit "The Gun Show!" in DC Today!

Terry McAuliffe Fairfax Office Opening

Terry does a great job of laying out the campaign, emphasizing the stark contrast of his common sense solutions with Cuccinelli's extreme crackpot agenda. He announced we will be opening 35 field offices all over Virginia so we can talk to our voters on-on-one and get them out to vote this year. Meet your organizer in Fairfax on the flip.

Meet the Democratic Candidates

Lee District Democratic Committee (Southern Fairfax) Opening Day event with all statewide Democratic primary candidates speaking. I think this is a fair comparison of all 4 candidates, outside on a great spring day. Listed in the order they spoke.

Richmond We Have a Problem

Justin Fairfax, running for Attorney General, appeared at Gerry Connolly's 19th annual St. Patrick's Day Fete on Sunday. In the most difficult venue Justin will face across Virginia, the straw poll results were close, but the speeches were night and day. Unfortunately, almost everyone had voted before the speeches took place. As for the speeches themselves, Justin Fairfax knocked it out of the park. Justin was dynamic, on message and had the crowd cheering. We can not afford to lose any of the statewide offices this year and we need to pick up seats in the House of Delegates. Justin can reach and inspire the voters we need to win big this year. The comparison of the candidate speeches speak for themselves. Here are both Attorney General speeches linked below.  

“Justin’s got what it takes!”– Sen. Chap Petersen


Chap Petersen with Justin Fairfax (03/05/2013). Please watch, forward, share, like, tweet and join us at Congressman Connolly's St. Patrick's Day celebration this Sunday.

19th Annual St. Patrick's Day Fete

Justin Fairfax for AG at Brigades Mtg.


I haven't had a lot to blog about but I am so glad to present Justin Fairfax, running for the Democratic nomination for Attorney General of Virginia in 2013. This year Democrats are blessed and cursed to have excellent candidates running for statewide office (and the past and current crop of Republicans are such a disaster). Blessed we have such great people running but cursed that we have to make a choice.

Below are my reasons for supporting Justin Fairfax for Attorney General. Let me know what you think. Justin is one of the most talented candidates I've met in Virginia and 1-on-1, he is the best and that goes for all current and past elected officials I’ve met. If you get a chance to talk to him for just 2 minutes I’m confident you will be sold. Justin engages people without hesitation. He listens carefully and he responds to what you have to say or ask. He has an amazing memory and can handle complicated, 3 part questions and answer each one brilliantly (watch the second video). I have a post-it note on my mirror that says: Good morning, your name is Todd Smyth.

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