Saturday, January 23, 2021
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What’s going on in the 10th CD race ?

Can anyone give us a little insight into what's going on with the 10th CD Democratic Committee's 4 announced candidates now that the committee has made their decision for a Nominating Convention ?

The last I heard or read anything of significance was an article on WaPo indicating one of the opponents of the apparent front-runner (Foust) had been demanding a debate for some time. But the part that puzzles me the most is that I've seen nothing anywhere that seems to indicate any serious competition for Foust. No one in my county I've spoke with has received any e-mail or other communications from anyone except Foust, and from what I've heard he's the only candidate who has said he will attend and speak at our late Feb. monthly meeting.

Anyone know if one or more of the other candidates have decided they can't collect the 1,000 petition signatures by the March deadline for filing for the 26 April Convention ?

Lowell, can you start a series like you've done for the 8th CD race and rate the 3 or 4 candidates for the 10th CD nomination ? I can't figure out why of 4 announced candidates only one appears to be actively campaigning. These all seem to be at least o.k. candidates, although the one who has been demanding a debate doesn't seem to be a viable candidate in terms of background or prior campaign experience. One does seem to have some related experience but only two have a campaign web site I've been able to find.

My only less than educated guess is that we're close the point that all but one Foust opponent might decide to drop out before the petition signature deadline. Or, I wonder if the $5,000 convention candidate filing fee rather then the 1,000 petition signature requirement is the reason I've seen or heard nothing from the other 3 candidates ?

Sorry this exceeded the normal limit above the fold. Can anyone (NLS, maybe) explain what's going on and how we should rate the candidates. I personally know very little about any except what I've read on Foust's BV ad and from his occasional e-mail messages.

Breaking news: Wiggins wins PWCDC chair race.

Last evening at the Prince William County Democratic Committee (PWCDC) reorganization caucus/election of officers, Harry Wiggins was elected chair over the previous chair Bruce Roemmelt. All told, 106 new members of the 7 MD committees from their respective Dec. reorganization caucuses/officer elections attended this county committee caucus. This was the first time in recent memory (at least the past decade) that there has been a contested chair election, so it was a new experience for almost all the current membership including both Harry and Bruce.

Harry knows he has taken on "more than a full time job" (his words in quotes) and a daunting set of party rebuilding and related tasks (my words), and stated that he will need complete support and full participation by all the MD chairs and committee general membership.

More details will come soon from the new chair in the form of PWCDC web site updates, including appointment of PWCDC west end and east end co-chairs of at least two committees. I expect some major changes to be put in place early, and addressed in detail by the new chair at the Feb. Steering Committee meeting (2nd Tues.) and at the Feb. PWCDC general membership meeting (4th Thurs.).

Stay tuned. A lot of news from PWC will be coming soon.


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