Monday, June 21, 2021
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If Sequestration Kicks-in, Virginia’s Defense Economy Will Be Devestated

In this article I just published at the Roanoke Times, I explain just how badly Virginia will suffer if Sequestration kicks in, particularly from cuts to the Defense Budget. Our Senators Kaine and Warner have been very willing to compromise, and obviously so has President Obama, to prevent the cuts. Even some Republicans have been willing to compromise in the past (I note some from neighboring states).

But House Majority Leader Eric Cantor continues to lead the hard-line faction that could single-handed, prevent a deal and directly result in over 120,000 Virginians being thrown out of work this year. Then, EVERY year for the next ten,

According to George Mason University, DoD-related sequestration cuts would cost Virginia 136,191 jobs, and annually would suck almost $12billion (nearly 3percent) from Virginia's total economy.

Check it out... please comment and pass it along.

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