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Your Health Just Isn’t Worth It…To Us


"Most people think we should be holding polluters accountable, but the American Petroleum Institute is fighting back. This video takes satirical approach to lampooning what big oil is really trying to say."

More on this ad here. Great stuff!

Virginia About to Hold an Execution. Where’s Bob McDonnell?

Tonight at 9 pm, Virginia is scheduled to execute Teresa Lewis, a woman with the mental capacity of a 12-14 year old. Whether you agree with this or not - and I certainly do not! - you'd think that Bob McDonnell would be at his desk tonight, just in case a last-minute, emergency petition or something came in, or just because this is a solemn moment for the Commonwealth that Bob McDonnell leads as governor. Also, I'd point out that Bob McDonnell is largely responsible for this execution going forward, and could stop it even now.  So what's he up to tonight?  According to his public schedule, he's addressing the Richmond Academy of Medicine this evening, from 7 pm until ???.  After that, it's hard to tell what he's up to, since he has a tendency to hide his private schedule, fundraisers and stuff like that.  Anyway, the bottom line is that Bob McDonnell should be at his desk right now, and shouldn't move from there until this execution is completed. What do you think?

UPDATE: Here's a description of the event Bob McDonnell's attending tonight.

...The meeting opens with cocktails in Evans Court followed by dinner in the Marble Hall...At the seated dinner, immediately following the cocktail hour, Governor McDonnell will address the health care challenges the Commonwealth faces as it adapts to federal health care changes... The September 23 meeting is open to RAM members. Member reservations are required. Please email your RSVP to Vicki Foster . Guest fee is $40. Cancellation fee is $75.

Stevens Miller (Attempts to) Cover “Pledge to America” Unveiling in Sterling, VA

Thanks to Loudoun County Supervisor Stevens Miller for his excellent coverage of today's "Pledge to America" unveiling in Sterling.  The photo of Miller standing behind barbed wire - that's right, barbed wire - really says it all, but read the whole thing.  Here's an excerpt:
At 9:30 this morning, I was able to stand near all of the (maybe 17?) supporters who had also come, many holding flags and one fellow clacking away with the cap on a tea kettle he held as anyone drove by. Most apparently thought he was funny, but a couple sped up to get past him. He, Eugene Delgaudio, and maybe fifteen of, I guess, Eugene's closest friends waved hand-made signs and chanted things like, "New congress now!" With their district represented by a thirty-year Republican incumbent seeking re-election, that seemed an odd thing to chant.

The handful of chanters and I had to stand outside the event because it, unlike the 1994 signing on the Capitol steps, was private, indoors, and by-invitation-only-thank-you. On this beautiful, sunny day, we stood outside and looked at a building surrounded by a large empty parking lot (empty but for a half-dozen television cameras), which, in turn was surrounded by a barbed-wire-topped fence (wire leaning our way, of course). Plenty of room to reveal their latest contract, but Boehner, Pence, Wolf, Cantor, and the rest of the "make Congress more open" members of the GOP who were present decided that behind closed doors was the right place to have a dialog with the people...

Wonderful, because nothing goes together like orange John BONEr, clueless Eric Can'tor, loony Eugene Delgaudio and barbed wire! Heh.

Jeff Schapiro: McDonnell “looking for a fall guy” on his DOA ABC Plan


As usual, Jeff Schapiro nails it. This time, the question is, how's Bob McDonnell going to wriggle out of policy and political disaster thanks to his poorly-conceived, half-baked ABC privatization "plan?"  Right now, he might just be better off drowning his sorrows -- with a bottle of state-regulated wine or liquor, perhaps?

Annabel Explains How 9500 Liberty Led to the Coffee Party


I don't agree 100% with the Coffee Party, but I admire Eric Byler and Annabel Park tremendously for pulling it together.  And, of course, their work on the Prince William County immigration fight, including the film "9500 Liberty," was extraordinary. If you haven't seen it, you can watch it on MTV this Sunday evening. It's times like this I wish I had cable TV!

P.S. The Coffee Party's first convention is being held this weekend in Louisville, KY. I'm very curious to see how this will go.

Republican Bloggers Rip Republican “Pledge to America” as “dreck,” “meaningless mush”

A few choice reviews by Republican bloggers of the laughable, pathetic Can'tor/BONer/Ryan "Pledge to America."  First, Erick Erickson of Red State, who calls it "Perhaps the Most Ridiculous Thing to Come Out of Washington Since George McClellan." Erickson adds:
I have one message for John Boehner, Eric Cantor, and the House GOP Leadership: If they do not want to use the GOP to lead, I would like to borrow it for a time.

Yes, yes, it is full of mom tested, kid approved pablum that will make certain hearts on the right sing in solidarity. But like a diet full of sugar, it will actually do nothing but keep making Washington fatter before we crash from the sugar high.

It is dreck - dreck with some stuff I like, but like Brussels sprouts in butter. I like the butter, not the Brussels sprouts. Overall, this grand illusion of an agenda that will never happen is best spoken of today and then never again as if it did not happen. It is best forgotten.

No problem, forgetting this gar-bage won't be difficult at all. In fact, I plan to do so the minute I complete this Blue Virginia diary.

Next, Doug Ross:

Rutherford Institute Blasts Robert Hurt for “dismal understanding” of 1st Amendment

Gotta love this.
Dear Senator Hurt:

It is unacceptable for a candidate seeking public office to not only refuse to facilitate informed decision-making by Virginia's voters but to actually impede the democratic process. Such are the consequences of your continued refusal to participate in any candidate debates in which independent candidate Jeffrey Clark is a participant, which stands in sharp contrast to Mr. Perriello, who has repeatedly expressed his willingness to engage both you and Mr. Clark in debates.

Your repeated dismissal of Mr. Clark's campaign as lacking viability is presumptuous and short-sighted. Virginia's voters do not need your campaign to determine the viability of other candidates. Rather, what they need is an opportunity to decide for themselves...

By consistently undermining a critical component of the political process - the opportunity for voters to educate themselves on the various candidates seeking election - you are doing a great disservice to the Commonwealth...


Whatever the cost to your own individual candidacy, we urge you to bear the cost in furtherance of transcendent First Amendment values and in faith that where all ideas are allowed to compete, the best ones will be adopted on the strength of their own merits.

The Rutherford Institute adds that Hurt is demonstrating either "a dismal understanding of the First Amendment's values of 'uninhibited, robust' debate and the free marketplace of ideas, or a lack of commitment to upholding the document that Abraham Lincoln referred to as the 'only safeguard of our liberties."

By the way, this is from the same group that wrote letters to Tom Perriello, protesting his office location as a (supposed) violation of their 1st Amendment rights, since they had to protest on the sidewalk not in the parking lot (after months of blocking all the parking spaces).  Now, they're after Robert Hurt for his "dismal understanding" of the 1st Amendment and his contempt for Democracy in general. Fun times in the 5th CD.

President Obama Talks Health Care in Falls Church, VA


"On the six-month anniversary of the passage of the Affordable Care Act, President Obama leads a backyard discussion on the Patient's Bill of Rights and hears from real Americans who are already benefitting from health reform."

Among other things, when the Patients Bill of Rights kicks in tomorrow, young adults can remain on their parents' health insurance plan until they're 26; insurance companies are prohibited from cutting off your coverage just because you made a mistake on your application; no more lifetime limits and restrictions on annual limits kick in; discrimination against kids with pre-existing conditions is banned; and much more.  Obviously, this is all really good stuff, and we have the Democrats to thank for it. And remember, if Republicans get back in power, they'll try to repeal all of this. Let's make sure that doesn't happen!

Robert Hurt Won’t Answer Free Trade Question


The fact that Robert Hurt refuses to answer this question (earlier today in Washington, DC), or any question, on "free trade" agreements is very telling.  Perhaps it's because  Hurt supports "free trade," yet people in Southside hate it because they believe it's responsible for their factories moving overseas, their jobs going to China, etc?  Yet Robert Hurt apparently cares more about appeasing big business, the Chamber of Commerce, and right-wing political interests with his free trade/limited government talk. For instance, Hurt opposed legislation "to close the tax loophole for multinational corporations that encourages sending jobs overseas." And Hurt won't give a clear answer on whether or not he supports the U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement. Given how many debates he's skipping, Hurt's refusal to answer basic questions about where he stands on the issues is not surprising. However, it's got to be infuriating to the people of the 5th CD, who most certainly have a right to know.
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