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Programming Note: “Old” Blue Virginia URLs

Just a quick programming note. You may have noticed that your links to diaries at the "old" Blue Virginia - the Blogger version - are no longer working. You may have also noticed that when you click on Google search results of "old" Blue Virginia articles, you get a broken link.  The reason is not that the articles are gone, it's just that they've moved and Google hasn't picked up on that yet. If you want to find any of those articles, simply change the portion of the URL that says "" to "" and you'll find what you're looking for. Sorry for any inconvenience, and hopefully we'll have a simpler and easier fix soon.

Intrade: 80% Chance “Obamacare” Will Pass


"Will 'Obamacare' health care reform become law in the United States?" According to the "prediction market" Intrade, the chances are now up to 80%. Let's hope Intrade is accurate, and let's also hope that these four Virginia Democrats all vote "yes" this weekend. As far as I'm concerned, there's no good reason for them to vote "no," and I'm really not interested in any excuses at this point. Just. Do. It.

Video: “The Tea Party and the Circus” on Health Care Reform


A few key points on this video. First, note that anti-healthcare-reform "tea partier" after "tea partier," when asked, can NOT name specifics in the bill (or anywhere else) to back up their heated rhetoric/talking points. Second, note that when asked where they got their information, it's from totally biased (which they admit when asked) sources like "Fox News" and not from actually reading and understanding the legislation. Third, note how time and again, tea partiers in this video simply deny facts they find inconvenient, like the FACT that there are 30 million people without health insurance in this country. Fourth, note that lack of compassion, for instance that people without health insurance should just "go to the hospital." Fifth, note the cult-like worship of Glenn Beck and his "principles."  Finally, note the excellent job the interviewer does in trying to pin these people down and letting them attempt to respond. It may not be a "circus," exactly, but it sure is funny at times. If you find "dark" and "disturbing" to be funny, that is.

P.S. Check out this graph, courtesy of Nate Silver at, which demonstrates that conservatives are moving in a completely different direction on health care reform as liberals and moderates in this country. Gee, I wonder if 24/7 echo chamber brainwashing by Faux News, Rush, Glenn, etc. might just be causing that. Hmmmm.

UPDATE #2: See Paul Krugman's "Why We Reform" for an intelligent, well-informed argument (the exact opposite of what we see in the above video) why we need health care reform now.  

Krystal Ball Romps Again, Nabs 16 More Delegates


Good news courtesy of Sean Holihan. Congratulations to Krystal Ball, quickly becoming the inevitable nominee in the 1st CD!

UPDATE: Marc Broklawski calls out the Robinson campaign on its "sore-loser act" and adds that they "should be ashamed at the way they have conducted themselves throughout this entire process."  He concludes, "There really is only one option left for Scott to salvage his reputation and any dignity he may have left: get behind Krystal and exit this race." Ouch. The truth hurts.

Coffee Party Poll: 73% Support Health Care Reform With Public Option


The Coffee Party USA - now with 170,000 Facebook fans, by the way - is out with results from its first straw poll, this one on health care reform.  The results are striking: 73% support health care reform but would strongly prefer that it include a public option, while another 17% support the current health care reform  bill (without a public option). Only 8% of Coffee Party poll respondents outright oppose the current health care reform bill. In sum, we're starting to see the ideological outlines of "Coffee Party" membership, and at least after the poll on health care reform, it's looking highly progressive.  

P.S. Needless to say, I presume that a similar poll of "Tea Party" members would come up with wildly different results.

Norfolk City Democratic Committee Vice Chair Slams Nye on Health Care “No” Vote

To put it mildly, Alexander Palmer -- Vice Chair of the Norfolk City Democratic Committee and Vice President of the Norfolk Area Young Democrats -- is not pleased with Glenn Nye these days. From Palmer's Facebook page (with his permission):
Glenn Nye's campaign rep came to the NCDC last night to basically tell us Nye was voting against health care should have heard the grumbles from the committee, he's alienating his base, hope these moderates he's mysteriously courting come out and canvass for him, because the activist base is staying home.

...maybe Nye could stop worrying more about his re-election and worry more about the people who elected him to serve them. I'm uninsured, health care is currently out of my reach. In my opinion, he's part of the problem we have in Washington, he took $125,000 from the health insurance industry, the Chamber of Commerce makes commercials on his behalf, honestly when it counts the most, he votes the same way Riegel or Drake would vote, its disappointing.

Then his campaign rep is going to turn around and ask people to collect petitions for Nye, practically everybody said that if Nye voted their way on health care they would collect some for him, if not, they could forget it. This is only the start of what his campaign can expects from us good Democrats come election time.

Palmer then receives a message from Jonas Courey of the Nye campaign, asking, "Should I thank you in advance for helping elect Scott (Cuccinelli) Rigell? :):)" Palmer replies:
hey, I'm just being honest with you Jonas, I'm in politics for the issues, not the people, if Nye is more interested in re-election than he is principle, than I'd rather have somebody else. I'm tired of career politicians putting their re-election ahead of personal conviction, its the problem with Washington. At least with Rigell we know what we're getting, its unfortunate about Nye, I thought finally we'd get an ally from the 2nd....that wasn't that case.
Yeah, it's getting rough down in the 2nd CD for freshman Rep. Nye. But the thing is, all Glenn Nye has to do in order to turn that situation around is to vote YES on health care reform legislation. If he does, as I've said previously, I will do what I can for his reelection. If he doesn't, well then, let's just say I've got a lot better things to do with my time (dust the house, wash the car, take a nap, etc.).

UPDATE: Palmer adds, "I hope Nye has the courage to do what is right and vote in favor of this legislation, it would mean a lot to me, and thousands of uninsured in the 2nd. Do what's right Glenn, vote for us!" I agree 100%.

UPDATE #2: This sparked a great deal of discussion both on Facebook and here.  Later in the discussion, Randy Klear wrote:

He said no such thing, Alex. He said that he couldn't say how Nye was voting at this moment. In November Nye said he voted against the House bill because of insufficient cost controls. Personally I suspect the CBO report today, plus the fact that he'd be committing political suicide with another no vote, will be enough to push him into the yes column.


He's a newly hired field director, and he's not likely to be in the loop when Nye's own chief of staff and campaign manager probably haven't been told yet. You are willfully misinterpreting his remarks.

And Diane Kaufman wrote:
I agree with Randy. I invited Jonas to introduce himself to the committee and speak for about 1 minute and then next he was vilified. I understand that everyone is passionate on this issue, and I am glad that they are vocal, but he is NOT in the loop of how the Congressman may or may not be voting. And, Jonas did NOT come to the committee to tell us how Nye would be voting in the health care bill. What I want to know is what's new? We are all waiting for the vote on the health care bill. That will be news. Letting our congressman know how we feel is not news. We have been doing that for months. On the other hand, Cooch and his decisions are harmful AND news.

And the discussion proceeded from there. Check it all out here, as obviously there are several sides to this story. However, in the end, what I care about - the ONLY thing I care about - is that Glenn Nye votes the right way on health care, and also on other issues important to me like clean energy/climate change and many others. With regard to health care, I guess we'll find out in less than 72 hours, and then we'll go from there.

Rachel Maddow: McDonnell, Cooch Turning Virginia Into “Jesse Helms-istan”


Rachel Maddow calls out Bob McDonell and Ken Kookinelli for their homophobic bigotry, "birtherism" (in Cooch's case) and overall insanity. According to Maddow, McDonnell and Cooch are turning Virginia into "Jesse Helms-istan."  Maddow also slams the national media for reporting McDonnell's and Cooch's bizarre explanations and behaviors without any critical analysis or journalistic skepticism.  The more this continues, I'd argue we're looking as much like "Idiocracy" as "Jesse Helms-istan." But then again, I guess those are really flip sides of the same coin anyway.  

CBO: Healthcare Reform Bill Cuts Deficit $130 Billion Over First 10 Years

The crucial Congressional Budget Office "score" of President Obama's healthcare reform bill is out, and it looks like good news.
1. CUTS THE DEFICIT Cuts the deficit by $130 billion in the first ten years (2010 - 2019). Cuts the deficit by $1.2 trillion in the second ten years. 2. REINS IN WASTEFUL MEDICARE COSTS AND EXTENDS THE SOLVENCY OF MEDICARE; CLOSES THE PRESCRIPTION DRUG DONUT HOLE Reduces annual growth in Medicare expenditures by 1.4 percentage points per year-while improving benefits and lowering costs for seniors. Extends Medicare's solvency by at least 9 years. 3. EXPANDS AND IMPROVES HEALTH COVERAGE FOR MIDDLE CLASS FAMILIES Expands health insurance coverage to 32 million Americans Helps guarantee that 95 percent of Americans will be covered. 4. IS FULLY PAID FOR Is fully paid for - costs $940 billion over a decade. (Americans spend nearly $2.5 trillion each year on health care now and nearly two-thirds of the bill's cost is paid for by reducing health care costs).
So much for the Republican/Tea Party "argument" that this bill "costs too much." In fact, it reduces the budget deficit significantly, according to the non-partisan CBO.  Now, on to passage, hopefully in about 72 hours!
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