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Stock Market Likes “Socialism?”

Does the stock market like "socialism?" Ha, well, it sure looks that way. Possibly because the health care reform legislation passed by the House last night is about as far from "socialism" as you can get. In fact, what "Obamacare" really does is expand the market for private insurance, which is probably why "Health stocks lifted the market Monday following House approval of an overhaul bill that would extend insurance to millions." That's also why there's been opposition to this from people, mainly on the "left," who believe in "single payer" or the "public option." Go figure.

By the way, Republicans like Eric Can'tor and John "Boner" are 180-degrees wrong on this, not that they care. Still, it's rather amusing to hear them wailing about "socialism," "government takeover," and "the death of private insurance" at the same time as private health care stocks shoot upwards.

Sierra Club: “Urge Sec. Salazar to Stop the Misguided Rush to Drill Virginia”

Please go to the Sierra Club's petition and urge Interior Secretary Ken Salazar to facilitate offshore wind power development, not offshore oil drilling. Remind him that "[o]ur wind resources vastly exceed the energy potential of all the oil and gas thought to lie off our shores, without the huge risks to the environment, Navy and NASA operations that would accompany offshore drilling." And, of course, let him know that "[o]ur precious Chesapeake Bay, our sensitive coastal wetlands, and our highly lucrative tourism and fishing industries are completely dependent on clean beaches and healthy ocean waters."  Thanks.

Thank Them For Voting Yes!

Yesterday, Democrats took a historic vote that was  certainly the right thing to do, but which was difficult politically for many of them.  Now, it's time for us to tell them - as Adam B writes on Daily Kos - that "when Democrats act courageously in the interests of our country, progressives will have their backs and support them."  So, please give generously to the members on this list, particularly to Virginia's own Tom Perriello. In addition, please call Tom and say "thank you!" at (202) 225-4711. To thank Gerry Connolly, call (202) 225-1492; to thank Bobby Scott, call (202) 225-8351, and to thank Jim Moran, call (202) 225-4376.  

Huge Victory for President Obama, Democrats, America


UPDATE: Matthew Yglesias argues that, with the passage of health care reform, "Barack Obama will go down in history as one of America's finest presidents" and that "he's reshaped the policy landscape in a way that no progressive politician has done in decades."  So far, in a little over a year, President Obama has helped keep America from Great Depression Part II and has achieved a victory on health care reform that had eluded presidents, Republican and Democratic, for decades. Not too shabby, and there's a lot more to come - clean energy, climate change, immigration, education, financial reform. If President Obama gets all of those done, he'd seriously be in the ranks of the greatest, most transformative U.S. Presidents.

UPDATE #2: Crazy Cooch chimes in.

200,000 March for Immigration Reform


Not too bad, 200,000 people are reported at today's "March for America" in support of comprehensive immigration reform. In comparison, the Washington, DC Fire Department estimated 60,000-70,000 people attended Glenn Beck's "9/12" March last year.  In other words, it appears that 3 times as many people marched for comprehensive immigration reform today than for...well, whatever it was Glenn Beck told them to march for (actually, against) last year.

UPDATE: According to, "it's just been reported that local Fox News is counting immigration reform supporters in the national mall at half a million!"

House of Representatives Debates, Votes on Health Care Reform Legislation [UPDATES]

According to TPM, the schedule for today's historic health care reform votes in the U.S. House of Representatives.

1 pm: House convenes
~5-6 pm: Vote on the "self-executing" rule
~8 pm: Vote on reconciliation bill
~9 pm: Vote on Senate bill

You can watch all this, plus whatever commotion in the galleries goes on before the police haul the protestors out of there, live on CSPAN.

In other news related to this debate: at least a few Republicans are denouncing the racist and homophobic slurs from anti-health-care-reform protestors yesterday; Rick Boucher reportedly "has decided his vote -- but isn't telling anyone what it is;" and Rep. Bart Stupak's vote remains in question. Stay tuned...

UPDATE 4:08 pm: TPM reports, "The White House has just released the final text of the executive order which is the basis of the aforementioned agreement with the Stupak group."  That should clinch it, but I'll believe it when the votes are actually counted.

UPDATE 7:08 pm: The Hill reports, "House Democrats have approved the rule for debate on the healthcare bill, moving them one step closer toward a final vote on the legislation. The rule was passed 224-206, with 28 Democrats voting against the measure. All Republicans cast "no" votes. A procedural vote on the rules passed by a similar count, 228-202." Here is the roll call vote on the 224-206 vote, showing Glenn Nye and Rick Boucher voting "nay." Not good.

UPDATE 7:12 pm: Minority Leader Boehner tells Republicans to "'behave like grown-ups' if the healthcare bill is passed by the House on Sunday."

UPDATE 8:07 pm: Summary of Republican debating points="socialism....blah blah...government takeover...blah blah...oh yeah socialism...blah blah."

UPDATE 8:23 pm: Rich Anthony tweets, "As we stand on the verge of passing historic Health Care Reform, I am proud of my fellow Democrats and I urge them to continue to improve the bill until we have true universal health care. Heath Care is a right of all Americans."

UPDATE 9:24 pm: Former Bush 43 economic speechwriter David Frum says this is "Waterloo" for someone - the Republicans. "Conservatives and Republicans today suffered their most crushing legislative defeat since the 1960s. It's hard to exaggerate the magnitude of the disaster."

UPDATE 9:57 pm: While we're waiting for history to be made, here's Ted Kennedy on why "now is the time for health care reform." This one's for you, Teddy!

UPDATE 10:17 pm: John Boehner is unhinged. Great credit goes to Nancy Pelosi for her leadership on this issue. Shortly, the House votes and America becomes a better, stronger nation.

UPDATE 10:32 pm: House now voting on "Motion to Concur in the Senate Amendments to H.R. 3590 - Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act."

UPDATE 10:47 pm: H.R. 3590 just passed, 219-212 history is made! :) [The roll call vote is here.

UPDATE 11:04 pm: House now voting on "Motion to Recommit H.R. 4872."  

UPDATE 11:08 pm: House rejects the Motion to Recommit H.R. 4872.

UPDATE 11:20 pm: Last but not least, the House will vote on "Final Passage of H.R. 4872 - Reconciliation Act of 2010."

UPDATE Monday morning: Tom Perriello issues a statement that says, in part...(see after the "flip")

Yes We Can: Improve Health Care For All Americans


Hopefully, today will be an historic day in American history. This afternoon, the House of Representatives will vote on health care reform legislation that is years in the making, and decades overdue. Assuming it passes, which right now looks likely, this country's health care system will not change as much as many of us had hoped - for starters, it will remain a "healthcare for profit" system - but nonetheless will be a major step forward both in terms of quality and quantity of coverage.  When President Obama signs this bill into law, as soon as tonight, it will mark not the end, but the middle of a long journey.  In years to come, we will continue the journey towards high-quality, affordable health care for all Americans, health care that can't be taken away if you lose your job or are told you have a "pre-existing condition" or whatever.

For now, though, we're talking about an important step forward, one that many people thought was impossible. Fortunately, it looks like we proved them wrong. We also proved that the power of "yes we can" is greater - albeit just barely - than the power of "no we can't."  

Yes we can: improve health care for all Americans.

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