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The purpose of Blue Virginia is to cover Virginia politics from a progressive and Democratic perspective – and to help elect Democrats. This is a group blog, founded by me, Lowell Feld, but now including several other progressive writers. I can’t speak for the other “front pagers,” but I consider myself a progressive in the tradition of Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, JFK, RFK and actually a bunch of progressive Republicans (e.g., Jacob Javits, Lowell Weicker). As such, I believe in expanding opportunities to all, utilizing government as a tool to promote the general welfare and the common good, protecting the environment for ourselves and for future generations, and expanding the rights promised in our Constitution and Bill of Rights to all Americans.

I invite everyone to comment here, but please be aware that profanity, personal attacks, bigotry, and “trolling” are not allowed. Thanks, and enjoy!

Disclosure: Also note that Blue Virginia “front pager” authors sometimes consult to Democratic candidates – or even (possibly) run for office themselves. For instance, Lowell consulted during 2018 to Sen. Kaine’s reelection campaign and during 2013 to Mark Herring’s campaign for Attorney General.

P.S. To see the Raising Kaine archive, please click here.

P.P.S. You can contact us at lowell@raisingkaine.com

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