Sunday, March 7, 2021
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Wiser for being at Wise?

I know, that's a lame attempt at a title.  I struggle for something meaningful.

I am exhausted, drained, dehydrated, and sunburned.  And exhilarated, satisfied that today I did some things good.

I arrived at the site a 5:30 AM.  Some of the volunteers had already been there for more than an hour.  We began seeing people in triage at 6 AM.  We were still finishing up near 7 PM.  

I will try to give a sense of the day, although I fear that as I could not find words for the title, my command of language is insufficient to fully explain.  And I chose not to take pictures.

Please join me as I describe our first full day at the 2010 Remote Area Medical - Mission of Mercy free health and dental mission in Wise VA.