Saturday, January 23, 2021
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Parsing GOP Poison in one AP “News” Story : Bob McDonnell...

The AP tells us that Bob McDonnell trotted out one of the most oft used, but pathetic lines of today's GOP, that employers have to know that it's "safe" to invest in jobs in Virginia again.

He said the state needs to convince small businesses that it's again safe to risk the money it takes to start new ventures or expand.

That load of GOP propaganda does not pass muster.  BTW, I could not find a reference in the press release to the supposed "safe" language.  (Not that Mickey D is above using it.) Safe for business?  We've had two very pro-business Democrats who produced repeated rankings as Best Place to Do Business.  Bob McDonnell goes on an overseas trip.  Then he trots out a press release about his grand efforts at job production.  He grandstands.  Show me the jobs.  Show me the competent management we got under Mark Warner and Tim Kaine.