Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Frank Cries Wolf

Typical Republican charade: Cry that the free market will magically regulate commerce. Sanction a private monopoly then act surprised that it acts to its own advantage. Obfuscate and make unsupportable charges that appeal to emotion. Representative Frank Wolf (R-VA) should instead be asking why a Spanish firm should own highway 460.

"In my opinion, the current law protects the interests of the owner of the toll road rather than the consumers of the road." - Frank Wolf

It must be an election year. Congressman Wolf is urging Virginia Transportation Secretary Sean Connaughton to support state legislation to roll back the tolls along the Dulles Greenway. So, this "conservative" Republican calls for greater regulation? Government is the answer? Frank, either read the code or jettison the agenda.

"It's highway robbery. It's a disgrace. Everyone knows that these tolls are ripping people off and there's not much we can do about it." - Frank Wolf

Not true at all.