Tuesday, January 26, 2021
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McDonnell: I’m My Own “Expert Factmaker”

Bob McDonnell has told us, via the Washington Post, that he does not think "his proposal to privatize the state's 332 liquor stores will result in an increase in car crashes, crime or consumption."

Here's an earlier McDonnell Fox-News-like distortion of the truth by fact-invention, as reported in the Post: "All the data shows there is no difference in drunk driving or crime whatsoever between control states and between privatized states," McDonnell said on his monthly call-in show on WNIS-Norfolk. "There are only 18 states that only have the government monopoly on the distribution of alcohol, but not beer or wine and Virginia's one of them. I think it's a vestige of the past."

"All the data" shows the exact opposite of what McDonnell asserted.

McDonnell also said last week in an interview with The Washington Post that he does not think that Virginians will drink more alcohol if the state allows private companies to open a total of 800+ hard liquor stores. That is simply his opinion because data shows that drinking does go up substantially after states end their monopoly.

Actual facts from scientifically done studies completely refute McDonnell's assertions regarding the correlation between alcohol outlets and drinking-related social problems. I realize that the Commonwealth already has very loosely regulated sale of beer and wine, to the extent that my own pharmacy, which should exist to dispense medicine and personal care products, now also sells wine and beer.

However, why should we Virginians now acquiesce to a plan lusted after by the alcohol industry that would add at least three times as many places for people to buy hard liquor, a plan that would cost the general Fund many millions of dollars? Below are some real statistics of the damage done by increasing the places where alcohol is sold.