Sunday, March 7, 2021
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The Un-Safe Border: Another Crazy Republican Monster Myth

An independent poll, that is, not one scrambled up by Fox News, has found that Americans living along the US-Mexican border "feel their border communities are as safe as most communities in the nation." It seems that 87.5 percent of border residents said they "feel safe walking or driving in their neighborhood during their regular daily activities." What does this tell us about the hysterical rhetoric of Arizona Governor Jan Brewer (it's all "murder, terror and mayhem" on the border), of Senator John McCain (R-AZ), locked in a bitter primary campaign with a Tea Party upstart (send more National Guard!), and, for that matter, our own Attorney General Cuccinelli, and other Republicans who are trying to whip us all into a lynch-prone anti-immigrant frenzy over their latest boogeyman? Maybe we should actually talk to real people who live along the border, instead of  "listening to... opportunistic politicians set to score political points by fanning the perception that the border is out of control," says Fernando Garcia, Executive Director of the Border Network for Human Rights, the outfit which authorized the poll by Reuel Group.

Not every official in the area agrees with Governor Brewer or Senator McCain, anyway. Richard Wilson, El Paso Sheriff, has been quoted:

"What we see in our community is that people are concerned with graffiti and stray dogs. All the issues of urban areas. Extreme violence is just not happening here and we need to revisit how resources are expended on the border. That's a message to send the administration."