Saturday, January 16, 2021
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DPVA: “Tax payers beware, Mr. Cuccinelli is wasting your money”

Are you sitting down? I hope so, because this is going to shock you. That's right, the Democratic Party of Virginia, which was last seen boarding a Greyhound bus to parts unknown, never to be heard from again, has actually issued a press release!. I told you I hoped you were sitting down. :) Anyway, it's good to see the DPVA return from the Land of the Living Dead.  It is a bit pathetic, however, that it took craziness even by Ken Kookinelli standards to prompt this DPVA reappearance, but hell, I guess we'll take it.
"I was glad to see this ideological crusade by Mr. Cuccinelli dismissed by Judge Peatross, but the real victims are Virginia's tax payers," DPVA Chairman Dick Cranwell states.  "The Attorney General is using his tax payer funded office as his own personal piggy bank, at a time when Virginians need help.  These ideological crusades do nothing to protect Virginians from predatory lending.  They do nothing to protect consumers from unsafe products or fraudulent services.  In short they do nothing but advance the Attorney General's reputation as an extremist who cares more about his ideology than he does about Virginia.  Tax payers beware, Mr. Cuccinelli is wasting your money."
UPDATE: Of course, the DPVA has not weighed in on this, which it should do ASAP given the level of importance. Hello? Anyone home at DPVA?