Friday, December 4, 2020
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“Reform Commission” Underwhelms with Suggestions


Even though all we hear about that state reform commission that Bob McDonnell set up is about his love affair with tripling retail liquor outlets in Virginia and selling off the state wholesale booze operation to the people who donated $350,000 to his gubernatorial campaign, the commission has made a few other recommendations. However, I couldn't see how they would save much money or reform much of anything.

For example, the commission voted unanimously to recommend a switch to a four-day, 10-hour-per-day schedule for many state employees, noting that money could be saved in energy costs and building maintenance. At present, only Utah has instituted a four-day work week. That change did not result in the savings the Republican governor promised. Instead of the $3 million he talked about, the program only produced $502,000 in its first year, but it did give a boost to the morale of the employees. Hey, it would boost my morale if I were a state employee!

One recommendation I have absolutely no problem with relates to the fact that our state evidently doesn't know how much property or how many buildings it owns or what the the occupancy rates are for those  properties. The recommended inventory actually might uncover a way to support fewer state buildings and allow higher occupancy rates in remaining buildings.

Several of the other commission recommendations might cause real problems.