Saturday, May 15, 2021
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More McDonnell Liquor Nonsense

Day by day, Governor McDonnell demonstrates he knows little about business and accounting. His administration has an elusive, ever-morphing plan for liquor sales. They don't understand transportation maintenance reserves. And principles? The "government's too big" guy wants the state to loan money to liquor retailers so revenue projections make sense!

"You don't want the state selling liquor, but it's OK to loan money to people who do? This gets nuttier by the minute. It's absurd." - Virginia Senator Saslaw

Looks like there's another ABC privitization strawman going out today. McDonnell likes to tout that he worked for a Fortune 500 company. So do people who do janitorial work at Exxon's headquarters. But they wouldn't be forgiven for leaving trash like these proposals around.