Sunday, March 7, 2021
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Some news about me . . . (UPDATE at end)

It was March 4 in the early evening and my cell phone rang.  On the other end was the Communications office of my school system.  And today I can talk about what was said.

Or you could, if you have access to the dead tree edition of Washington Post turn to the back of the Metro Section, age B6, below the fold  (this you cannot see online).

From the Post website:  

The Agnes Meyer Outstanding Teacher Awards
Good teachers are critical to a strong school system, and The Post encourages excellence in teaching. Each year it honors exceptional men and women in the teaching profession by awarding $3,000 to an outstanding teacher selected in each of the 19 local public school systems, the District of Columbia Public Charter Schools and one award to a teacher from a private school in the metropolitan area.

The selections from the local school systems are made through a nominating process and the final decision is made by the local public school system.

The call was to tell me that out of almost 9,000 teachers, Prince George's County Public Schools had selected me as their 2010 Agnes Meyer Award Winner.