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Missing Village Idiot, Islamophobic Bigot(s) Off Virginia Ballot


ABC News reports, "A federal appeals court in Virginia today denied an emergency request by Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich and other Republican presidential hopefuls who failed to qualify for the Virginia primary to be placed on the ballot." What a shame to lose the Missing Village Idiot (Rick Perry, possibly THE stupidest person - and one of the nastiest, most extreme, etc. - ever to run for president in this country) and his fellow Islamophobic bigot (Newt Gingrich) from the Virginia Republican't primary ballot. If you can possibly stand it, the video of Newt demonstrating his ignorance and bigotry is on the "flip." I'd say "enjoy," but there's nothing enjoyable about any of this.

P.S. Newt's also doubling down on his borderline racist "food stamp president" comment.

John Edwards Has Earned Our Vote; Dave Nutter Hasn’t.

John Edwards (in file photo adjacent) is the only candidate for state Senate (21st District) who has consistently worked to grow jobs, focused on his responsibility to his constituents, and worked tirelessly to make their lives better. He knows that government does have a roll to play in the conduct of the people's business. There are areas in which it is not only more efficient, but also more effective to bring cooperative effort to bear on a problem we could not readily solve on our own. Edwards wrote the bill to build the Roanoke Higher Education center which has had considerable success educating and training SW Virginians close to home. The impact of this center on earnings potential is substantial. He's also been the regions strongest advocate for education in the Senate.

Edwards has waged a sometimes lonely battle to expand rail passenger transportation our way. He's made headway by funding connector transport to bring those of us without rail to rail lines.  Now he's working to bring passenger trains here as well. He has worked to fund highway needs. He has worked tirelessly to fund education and keep both K-12 and higher education strong.  

He's won numerous awards for his public service:

Jim Webb Rallies Loudoun Dems, Calls Out Republicans for Extreme Rhetoric


I've rarely if ever seen Jim Webb this angry, but I think it's totally appropriate given the outrageousness of Republicans' rhetoric in this campaign. Specifically, Webb is disgusted by a Loudoun County Republican Committee Halloween message that included an image of President Obama with a bullet hole in his head. Note that the chair of that committee, Mark Sell, has not resigned or apologized (other than a ridiculous, non-apology "apology") to this day. Nor have most Loudoun Republican politicians condemned Sell or demanded his resignation. That really says it all, wouldn't you say?

Montgomery County Democrats Rallied

 From around the state and closer to home as well, key Democrats arrived at the Montgomery County (VA) Government Center yesterday. There were two former governors, one DPVA chair, the 9th District Democratic Chair.  From further south, Phillip Puckett was here. An energetic Tom Perriello made me nostalgic for when he was in Congress and reminded why he is so missed. As if "at home" in the 9th, Tim Kaine, was here early speaking with citizens (and always listening too). At the podium Tim talked about the importance of winning Tuesday and about the need for retaining the US Senate seat now held by Jim Webb.

Races decided by single digits, double digits, a hundred votes. That is why I know turnout, calling people, knocking on doors, talking about it at work or school, reminding people Tuesday is Election Day is so important
Tim told of several instances of election history turning on narrow margins. Indeed several speakers had been in extremely close races. But none struck so saliently as the reminder that AG Kookinelli's Senate race before his AG race was won by a narrow margin. How different things might have looked...

More (including more photos) below the fold...

Bizarre, “Disrespectful” Mailer Hits Mailboxes in the 32nd Senate District Race

Things always get weird before election day, and this mailer from a shadowy outfit that nobody seems to be able to track down, now hitting mailboxes in Arlington (and possibly more of the 32nd State Senate District), would certainly seem to qualify. Note that this mailer (see the flip side of the mailer on, appropriately enough, the "flip" of this post - heh) claims to come from Lynchburg, (coincidentally?) home of Jerry Falwell's Liberty University. Also note that the group cited, "Our Heritage USA," is not listed on SBE, VPAP, or the FEC websites. Even weirder, if you look up the address on the postcard using Google Maps, it's just a parking lot. Finally, there is no date or location stamp on the stamp, probably meaning that it was dropped at a mail sorting facility, not in a mailbox. Very, very strange.

P.S. I just spoke with Janet Howell's campaign manager, and he said they not only have absolutely no knowledge of who sent this mailer or where it comes from, they also find it to be "horrible" and "disrespectful." I couldn't agree more; there should no place in politics for this crap. Beyond that, it's just stupid. There are many reasons not to vote for Patrick Forrest, but this mailer lists none of them (e.g., I'm very glad he's been a strong Democrat until recently, hope he returns to the fold after his crushing loss to Janet Howell on Tuesday).

Comstock’s Resolution Honoring Bork Demonstrates She is Too Extreme for Northern...


Lately, Barbara Comstock has taken to declaring how she is focused on supposedly sensible, bipartisan solutions for Northern Virginia, a strange posture for the woman who headed the RNC’s effort to destroy Vice President Al Gore’s reputation and was a close associate of the infamous Monica Goodling – of DOJ US Attorney scandal. For details on this part of Comstock's history, see here.

But as we already know, Barbara Comstock is anything but a moderate. For the gory details of her extreme voting record, see here.

Upon closer scrutiny, Comstock’s record gets even worse: She has identified herself as a dedicated admirer of Judge Robert Bork, one of the most extreme arch-conservative legal thinkers, whose views were so far out of the mainstream that his Supreme Court nomination was rejected by a 58-42 vote in the 1980s. Comstock was the chief patron of a bill in the House of Delegates, HR 67 honoring Judge Bork – despite his reputation. See here

What makes Bork so extreme that it calls her judgment into question? Based on articles at ThinkProgress  and here, controversial stances Bork has taken include:

Jittery Jim LeMunyon Digs Into Dustbin of History on Eric Clingan

Apparently, a nervous Teapublican, Del. Jim LeMunyon, is now digging up old college writings by Democratic 67th House of Delegates district nominee Eric Clingan, during Clingan's youthful fling with conservativism. Of course, those days are long gone, and Clingan has been a Democrat for many years now. However, that hasn't stopped Jittery Jim LeMunyon from sending out dusty old quotes by Clingan to base Democrats, in a clear attempt to suppress turnout for Clingan this coming Tuesday.

Look, I had some of the same questions about Clingan myself, but they were allayed by two things: 1) Clingan was recruited by Del. Scott Surovell, a progressive champion if there ever was one; and 2) I had a long conversation with Clingan at the start of his campaign, during which we talked through his political journey and I came away impressed and unconcerned about decades-old writings in his college days. Heck, I'd better never run for anything, because I started off as a Teenage Republican myself. But I guess that's politics for you, especially when you've got an incumbent who will do anything to hold onto power.

Anyway, check out Clingan's mailer, here and on the "flip," which explains why he moved from the Republican Party to the Democratic Party. Basically, it comes down to his party leaving him (off the right-wing deep end) more than anything, sort of like what Jim Webb told me in December 2005 about why he made the same political journey himself. In the end, Webb hasn't been a super progressive, but he's been an infinitely better Senator than George Allen was/would have been, and he's done some great things as well (e.g., GI Bill of Rights, criminal justice reform, work on Far East policy).

It's the same thing with Eric Clingan -- he will be an infinitely better delegate than Tea Partier Jim LeMunyon, with his crazy "REPEAL" Amendment and funding from the "Middle Resolution PAC," etc. Plus, Clingan's a smart, sensible guy who will be a great addition to the House of Delegates. Go Eric!

Sharon Bulova, Janet Oleszek and Megan McLaughlin: A Great Combo for...


Any further questions? If so, there are two more images you should see on the "flip." :)

Jim LeMunyon Mad at Being Called Out for Extremist Tea Party...

Apparently, Del. Jim LeMunyon (Tea Party) really didn't like being called out for his extremism and Tea Party ties by Democratic challenger Eric Clingan. Check out LeMunyon's highly defensive email, below the "fold," which tries valiantly - but  completely fails - to claim that his proposed legislation to "tea up the Constitution" is actually no such thing, that he's really not supported by the Tea Party, etc. It's rather a Mad Hatter-ish sorta way, that is (note: click on the image to "embiggen"). :)

P.S. Here's an excerpt:

- There are two political action committees (PACs) in Virginia affiliated with the Tea Party. Public records show that I have not received any donations from them;

- An organization called Middle Resolution contributed to my 2009 campaign. Their donations (considerably less than the figure claimed by Mr. Clingan) have been a matter of public record for more than two years. Mr. Clingan calls them the "Tea Party" PAC. This is false. Middle Resolution is a group of private citizens in Virginia who are active in politics, but not affiliated with any organization. They did not "put me up" to introducing any legislation, but I was happy to have their support for H.J. 542 after it was introduced. I authored H.J. 542 at the request of House Speaker Bill Howell;

Culipher Chooses Cuccinelli Over Voters

Last night State Senator Chap Petersen (D-Fairfax), his family, and over 50 volunteers, including students from James Madison and Oakton High Schools, marched in the Vienna Halloween parade.

His opponent Gerarda Culipher (R-Oakton) failed to show up for the parade, which is a long-time community tradition and the largest fall event in the Oakton/Vienna area.  Instead, according to her website schedule, she was attending a Republican fundraiser featuring Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (R).  

This is the second time in a week Culipher has skipped a 34th district event to raise money.  Last Wednesday, October 19, she missed a Candidates' Forum at Robinson Secondary School - with hundreds of constituents in attendance -- to attend a fundraiser hosting Ed Gillespie, former Chairman of the Republican National Committee.  

"Our focus is on meeting voters in the 34th Senate District and carrying a positive message all the way to Election Day." Ben Hodapp, Petersen's Campaign Manager said.  "In Vienna, we are pleased to have the endorsement of the Mayor and five of the Council members.  It was great to have so many student volunteers join our efforts."