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Grassroots Wind Energy Event Planned for June


One of the nation's most promising sources of renewable energy is development of off-shore wind resources. Virginia has the chance to be a prime mover in off-shore wind power. Now, it has dawned on some of those who previously were touting "drill, baby, drill" off Virginia's coast that there is greater potential in the fast-track development of wind energy, development that could produce clean energy to feed into the existing northeast electricity grid, while yielding up to 10,000 new jobs, and stabilizing energy prices.

In support of Virginia's wind energy development, a coalition of environmental groups, including the Chesapeake Climate Action Network,  is sponsoring A Citizens' Summit on Offshore Wind Power on Saturday, June 4, 2011, from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. in Richmond.

Terry McAuliffe will be the keynote speaker for the event, which will be held at CenterStage,
600 E. Grace Street. Richmond. Others scheduled to speak include Sen. Donald McEachin, Atlantic Wind Connection President and CEO Bob Mitchell and Del. Joe Bouchard. General admission is $15, student admission $10. If you are interested in attending, tickets are available at the CCAN event information site.

The mission of CCAN is to build a grassroots movement to support policies that can put this nation on a path to climate stability.