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Call Center Repatriation Act 2011

There are reasons for providing the right incentives for economic growth. Senator Warner and Representative Wolf have decided to ignore those and compete with the third world using the lowest common denominator: labor. Their proposal for a federal jobs "bounty" is seriously short sighted. It is existential in the extreme.

What we need is commitment and nothing spells an economic commitment like capital investment in manufacturing infrastructure. Their proposal supposedly rewards job creation by offering low-interest "forgivable loans" to companies building new facilities employing at least 50 full-time people if they establish "high-value manufacturing jobs" in needy areas of the United States. They are off the hook for the loans after 5 years. This is a disincentive for long-term capital investment and innovation.

...We must focus our prowess not on manufacturing commodities, but rather on becoming innovators and specialists in new types of high-value manufacturing.

America must move toward manufacturing in new and "magical" ways - such as nano-assembly, chemical or bio mechanisms. Remember Arthur C. Clarke's aphorism: "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." - Jim Pinto

Is that how Warner and Wolf see "high-value manufacturing jobs?" And these are going to spring up in "needy areas of the United States?" Are these blue collar jobs? Are there 50 jobs required in any such manufacturing facility? One can only conclude they don't actually mean "high-value manufacturing jobs." But it is a nice term that infers well-paying jobs.  Infers.

"Workers also would be paid hourly wages that are higher than the average hourly pay in the county that is getting the new positions."