Friday, April 16, 2021
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The Great Betrayal

Dear Mr. President, Speaker Boehner, Senators, and Members of Congress:

I am retired, and I want to be sure I understand what is going on: According to news reports, you are all negotiating among yourselves to reduce the national budget deficit before you raise the so-called debt ceiling of the United States (in order to pay America's bills), and I heard that you have decided to put Social Security and Medicare "on the table" in order to reach a deal with each other. I guess this means that Uncle Sam is considering cutting what they refer to as my "benefits," and the President has said that, if you all do not get an agreement before August, he cannot guarantee that my next Social Security check will be sent to me.

I am dependent on my small monthly Social Security check to survive, because I lost almost all my other savings in the recent stock market crash---- I thought I was being prudent and responsible, when I invested what I could scrape together in Wall Street, but I was wrong, they squandered my money. I knew, though, I had a backup plan with Social Security because I paid into Social Security for over 40 years when I was working, with the understanding that these payments were like premiums, and that I had a contract with my government for an annuity in my old age. Social Security is my annuity contract, and you people cannot now just change the contract I paid for after all these years.

It is not my fault you people in Washington have been irresponsible, and thrown away my premiums just the way Wall Street did. The same goes for my Medicare. Social Security and Medicare cannot be "on the table." Uncle Sam owes me what I have been paying for, a contract is a contract, and my government cannot cheat me in my old age. This is a matter of life and death for people like me. Please help.

Alpha Granny