Friday, October 23, 2020
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Sen. Toddy Puller’s “Ashley’s Law” Signed by Gov. McDonnell

Great job by State Senator Toddy Puller in pushing this important piece of legislation, which was signed into law by Gov. McDonnell a bit earlier today (see press release below). It's sad that it took a terrible tragedy - and several years of hard work by Sen. Puller - to get this legislation passed. Fortunately, it finally did pass, thanks in large part to Sen. Puller's tenacity and perseverance. As a result, as Gov. McDonnell notes, "Virginia's streets are safer." And, as Sen. Puller points out, Ashley's Law "will go far to save other lives in the future." Thank you, Sen. Puller.
ALEXANDRIA - Governor Bob McDonnell today ceremonially signed SB 762, also known as "Ashley's Law," which requires emergency vehicles proceeding through a traffic intersection to flash emergency lights and either sound a siren or horn, or yield the right-of-way, before proceeding.  This law is named in honor of Ashley McIntosh who was tragically killed in 2008 when her vehicle was struck by an emergency vehicle as it went through an intersection.  The legislation was signed during an afternoon ceremony at Sherwood Regional Library in Alexandria.

More on the "flip," including Sen. Puller's comments.