Monday, October 26, 2020
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Hallelujah! I Have a Letter from George Allen

Somehow I seem to be on a conservative donor mailing list. After that marvelous letter I received from Sharon Angle last fall, the postman has now delivered a solicitation from George Allen, which I discovered in my mail box right after the recent primary.  I will say Mr., I mean former Governor, Allen's letter bears little resemblance to that from Ms. Angle, which was larded through with frantic, often hysterical begging, but it has many of the same code words and the theme of its narrative is not that different. It starts right off:
Dear Fellow Virginian,

Will you join us in our cause to restore opportunity, personal responsibility and freedom in America?

The mission of our campaign for United States Senate is to bring the voices and shared values of Virginia to Washington. The first step is building a strong grassroots team of common sense conservatives all across Virginia. Our campaign is for you, your family, and America's future.

The 2012 elections are pivotal for the future of our country."

Yes, there are the Republican red flag code words about opportunity, personal responsibility and generalized freedom (meaning no protective government regulation, and freedom to be exploited by corporate bullies, but what the hey). Who can quarrel with that, even the part about "common sense" conservative values (which means See, I am not a Tea Party nut). Of course, every election is pivotal to the candidate running, but in this case I agree, big time, with Allen about the pivot-ness of 2012. I like the inclusiveness and the emphasis on grassroots. (Are the DNC and Tim Kaine listening? There's a message for you all here). Notice how the Guv states his purported mission up front and clearly marked.