Wednesday, January 22, 2020
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Cuccinelli compared slavery to abortion in 2008

Ken CuccinelliThe Washington Examiner is a conservative DC area paper, owned by right-wing billionaire Philip Anschutz, which this coming June will stop its daily print run and be replaced by a weekly magazine. That makes this story all the more delicious. The context of the story is that Democrats in Virginia have been pushing out a video taken by a tracker at a small small gathering of religious conservatives in Williamsburg, VA, in which the Virginia Attorney General and putative Republican nominee for Governor of Virginia equated abortion and slavery, as you can read in this AP story at Salon

The Examiner story's 2nd paragraph reads

The outspoken conservative and candidate for governor made an almost identical statement in a 2008 "Cuccinelli Compass," a regular letter he writes to supports to supporters, The Washington Examiner has learned. In it, Cuccinelli reviews a biography on British abolitionist William Wilberforce and draws a connection between Wilberforce's fight against slavery to his own efforts in the Virginia Senate to curb abortions in the state.

The story also offers Cuccinelli's defense of those remarks:  

The Washington Examiner, Michele Bachmann & GOP/Media Symbiosis

Usually if something that claims to be a news outlet uses a public figure's image in its advertising, it's in the context of a newsworthy event to prove the strength of its coverage. An inauguration, tear down this wall, etc. But the Washington Examiner is simply using a head shot of Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann on its banner ads. If you didn't look closely, you'd be excused for thinking it was a TV show & Bachmann was its host:


While progressives still fret about the Washington Times, long DC's biggest GOP cheerleader, they've mostly overlooked the rise to prominence of the Examiner:

Washington Times: 28,329
Washington Examiner: 282,548
The difference? While the Times still charges a small subscription fee, the Examiner isn't just available for free - it pays workers to hand it to commuters at Metro stops. The Examiner's ultra conservative owner doesn't care about making a profit - Philip Anschutz is the 33rd-wealthiest person in America.

So here's my question: Why isn't it considered a political contribution for a Republican financier to underwrite a GOP newsletter handed out at Metro stations?