Thursday, January 21, 2021
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Tell Gov. Bob To Veto The Hybrid Tax

Delegate Scott Surovell and Senator Adam Ebbin (D-Awesomeness) have created a petition to urge Governor McDonnell to "Veto the Hybrid Tax"!  The immediate goal is to get the governor to use his line item veto to remove this anti-clean energy provision from the transportation bill.

Whether this works or not, keep in mind the equally important goal of demonstrating the power of those who support clean energy and sustainability policy -- of which Virginia remains one of the most backward states, and not getting any better.  Unless we speak up now, we -- and future generations -- will continue to be ignored.

As Del. Surovell summarizes the reasons to kill the green car tax, in an email to supporters

This is bad policy.

The Hybrid Tax punishes saving energy. Virginia needs to create incentives to encourage energy conservation so America can be energy independent. Most states are giving tax credits for hybrid purchases, not punishing owners.