Friday, December 4, 2020
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Dan Casey Has Cooch’s Number

Dan Casey, the free-spirited columnist for the Roanoke Times, has a "spot on" column today about Virginia's strange new attorney general. Casey states,
This cornball prudery, on lapel pins handed out to Cuccinelli's staffers, produced news over the weekend that's worth a laugh or two at the expense of our apparent boob-fearing AG. But it shouldn't distract us from some very unfunny moves Cuccinelli is making.

Casey is referring to Cuccinelli's over-reaching demand to the University of Virginia for all the correspondence of former UVa climate researcher, Michael Mann. Cooch's 14-page subpoena demands not only copies of all of Mann's conversations with 38 other climate scientists but even wants all contacts with "all research assistants, secretaries or administrative staff" with whom he worked, plus all his research data.

All of us should keep in mind that this "fishing expedition" by Cuccinelli is in the hopes of finding a reason to file a civil case against a highly respected scientist. Just how respected is Dr. Mann?