Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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More Details about Navy Vets Group and Cuccinelli

In today's Roanoke Times Dan Casey has a fascinating chapter in the unfolding story about the sleaze surrounding the U.S. Navy Veterans Association and its purchase of legislative "access" in Virginia. Ever since Sen. Jim Webb blew the cover of this bogus "charity" and revealed it for the fraud it surely seems to be, more and more information is accumulating about exactly how former director Bobby Thompson got his desired exemption from a law that would have required the group to register with state government.

Considering the millions that the "charity" has raked in, the price in campaign contributions for that "access" was pretty cheap, a paltry $67,500. Politicians who received campaign contributions from the group have given the money to real military charities, including Repubican Gov. Bob McDonnell and Democratic State Sen. Patsy Ticer,  with one glaring exception - Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.

In addition to Cuccinelli getting $55,000 in contributions to his campaign from U.S. Navy Vets, it is now coming out just how much Cooch courted the group (if it is a group) for those funds.