Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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My Two Cents: It is Not a “Spill,” But Rather a...

Please, let us stop using the word "spill," a PR term.  It's not a spill. Ironically, we continue to fund wars of choice propping up big oil, such as BP, in far away lands (and maybe, almost incidentally, round up a few terrorists here and there), when big oil has committed what could be called a terrorist-like assault on our country.  

I do not suggest that BP did this on purpose, though its behavior was purposeful negligence.  Apparently, BP also allegedly engaged in purposeful lying to regulators.  And BP was purposefully reckless and cavalier in the aftermath. Where the administration is concerned, I do not suggest that extensive person hours haven't been spent by this administration.  They have, from the beginning.  Nor do I suggest that the administration doesn't care about what is happening.  I think the president has gotten a bad (and very unfair) rap on that.  However, the president has more on his plate than finding the right "ass to kick."  (I must confess, I hope he does that, through the DoJ.)  

What is needed is a massive re-organization of our national priorities. Given the extensiveness and seriousness of what we face in the Gulf, and potentially up the Atlantic Coast, we must consider some outside-the-box thoughts: