Monday, May 10, 2021
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Another Poll Indicates Deadlocked Race in VA-05

Another day, another poll (other than SurveyUSA) indicates a tossup race in Virginia's 5th Congressional district.
A survey of likely voters in Virginia's 5th Congressional District reveals a deadlocked race with Democrat Tom Perriello receiving 43%, Republican Robert Hurt 44% and Independent candidate Jeff Clark barely registering with 1% in the initial trial heat.

A representative sample of 500 likely voters was interviewed live, by telephone, from September 20 - 23, 2010...

The poll was commissioned by the League of Conservation Voters and the Service Employees International Union and conducted by Custom Strategic Research. According to the LCV:
Congressman Perriello's leadership in the House on clean energy issues has been unparalleled. We are encouraged by the results of this poll and will work hard to ensure that Congressman Perriello is re-elected so that he can continue working to bring clean energy jobs to Virginia and increase our national security.
The SEIU adds:
Tom Perriello has remained focused on three things - jobs, jobs and jobs - and his focus on the issues that matter to his district is paying off while Robert Hurt's refusal to hold a single town hall meeting is backfiring...Across the country, candidates who've focused on strengthening the middle class, as Perriello has with his Economic R.E.V.I.V.A.L. plan, are surging as we enter the last month of the election.
Good stuff, go Tom!

Jeff Clark Blasts Robert Hurt in TV Ad


Hopefully, 5th CD independent candidate Jeff Clark has enough money to get this ad out there. No question, Republican candidate Robert Hurt deserves it in spades.

UPDATE: Clark also blasts Hurt (see after the "fold") for, essentially, subverting the Constitution, particularly the 1st Amendment.  Clark adds that Hurt isn't a real conservative.

Jeff Clark: Robert Hurt “proved to be just what I thought...


Tea Party candidate Jeff Clark rips into Robert Hurt for being a typical politician and for refusing to let Clark into the debates with Tom Perriello. According to Clark, Hurt is "just what I thought he was going to be." Another great quote by Clark:  "Robert Hurt is no Virgil Goode, and Robert Hurt is not going to be able to stay one-on-one with Tom Perriello." And, "The only thing [Hurt's] supporters have is fear...they have to instill fear into everyone in order to get them to overlook the sad record and the despicable conduct of Senator Hurt."  And finally: "If Senator Hurt doesn't want to participate in the debates, I'm sure I will fill in adequately for the conservative message...but I would welcome [him] to sit in the audience, he may learn a thing or two about conservatism." Hahahaha.