Friday, November 27, 2020
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Calling ALL Democratic Candidates: Use These GOP Words Against Your Opponents


Yesterday, Rachel Maddow pulled together the words of six Republicans.  Democrats should run ads using these Republicans' own words and behavior against them and their GOP/TeaParty colleagues.  Then Americans will see who the national GOP really is.

Increasingly, the national GOP (and its congressional and gubernatorial "leaders") show themselves as the Party of contempt for most Americans, the party of kicking people when they are down, the party of apologizing to BP, the party of throwing (more) money at the already well-heeled, the greedy 1%.  In the above video, six different GOP candidates or congresspersons rip into the unemployed.    

While there are six applicants for every single job, the GOP blames the 5/6 who won't be able to find a job among the paltry number of jobs available, even as our economy inches out of the depths of 2007-8.  Here is the GOP Hall of Shame (below the fold):