Tuesday, May 11, 2021
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Republican Lies, Fear and Smear

I wrote the following on my blog a week before the 2006 election. Although the names have changed, the tactics haven't. Lies, Fear and Smear The...

A Time of Darkness, Yes, But the Light is Getting Stronger,...

It is true that these are dark times. Never before have we had a president so dishonest, so reckless, so arrogant, so lacking in...

Latest phony right wing “scandal” debunked

Looks like the Fox News and the right wing are going to have to cook up a new phony scandal to go after Attorney General Holder and President Obama, because their Black Panther scandal has been exposed as a complete phony in great and painful detail.

I've asked this before about the Republican Party: what does it say about a political party that it has to lie to put itself into power?

A full investigation of this Republican "scandal" should be launched and anyone who lied should be fired and anyone who perjured themselves should be prosecuted.

This is a short diary, but the Media Matters analysis of this right wing smear is a must read for Democrats and Independents.  The next time a Republican starts to spread this lie in your presence you'll be prepared to respond with the truth.

UPDATE by Lowell: Also, I'd remind everyone which supposedly "moderate" Republican Congressman has been leading the charge on this one.