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“From The ‘WTF’ Department”


I agree with Waldo Jaquith, this is “from the ‘WTF’ department.”

[Robert Hurt for Congress “strategist” Chris] LaCivita said that Hurt will not pledge, as Perriello has, to reject contributions from lobbyists or corporate PACs. Hurt will promise, he added, to not take money from “communists…”

OK, then; right here, right now, I will pledge that Blue Virginia will not accept any money from Maoists, Stalinists, Trotskyites, Bolsheviks, Mensheviks, Hoxhaites, Titoites, Castroites, Juchists, Communists or Anarcho-Communists. Now, will Republicans pledge that they will not accept money from Fascists, Neo-Fascists, National Socialists, Neo-Nazis,  National Frontists, Hellenic Frontists, or Northern Leaguists? Deal? 🙂

  • TomPaine

    Tea-Bagging proto-fascists!

  • antonio_m_elias

    You lost my support 🙂

  • Tom Greeson

    Tom Perriello has taken a thoughtful position to not accept campaign contributions from lobbyists and from corporate PACs. He can articulate his ethical and policy bases for that position. Apparently, his opponent is incapable of articulation a rationale for is campaign funding policies. So Mr. Hurt can only respond with what he, I assume, believes is a humorous comment? It’s Mr. Hurt’s  legal right to accept such contributions. Why does he have to resort to such lame efforts at humor? The incumbent in the 5th is an intellectual of the first order. His opponent is demonstrating that he is light years from’s Tom Perriello’s league in brain power.

    So it appears choices for the voters of the 5th: the light weight wisecracker or the brilliant Tom Perriello!