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Krystal Ball Sweeps York, Poquoson; Closes In On 1st CD Nomination


As Marc Broklawski writes, “There needs to be a mercy rule!”

UPDATE: Mark Broklawski has a superb analysis of this race, concluding that “The math for Scott at this point is simply insurmountable.”  Marc also rips the Robinson people about their “atrocious” and “shameless” campaign they’ve run, remarking that “Scott should fire his entire staff and then himself!”  Ouch, the truth huts.

  • The Porcupine

    What’s not to like about Krystal Ball? She would be a Democrat’s dream candidate were she running in any of hundreds of Blue congressional districts across the country, or even some of the Purple districts. But in Virginia’s First Congressional District where not even Barack Obama carried in 2008? Nor Senator Jim Webb in 2006? I don’t think so. In fact, many regular Dems don’t realize Obama lost in the 1st CD (47.7-51.4%). How can anyone believe that a candidate more liberal than Barack Obama win here?!!!

    Nuts and bolts politics here: We need a win. Our President needs every House seat he can get this Fall. Scott has a better chance to win.

    The biggest factor is the military vote–some say as much as 20% of the electorate. Realistically, he can peel  20-25% of that vote away from Wittman, and perhaps even generate a few hundred new registrations in the military community.

    (Just to clear up some of the distortions Krystal has spread about Scott’s postions, he wants abortion to be “safe, legal and rare.” And he agrees with Barack Obama that marriage should retain its traditional religion-based definition and that gay couples who consider themselves wedded should enjoy all the legal rights that a married hererosexual couple have. And Scott isn’t AGAINST Cap and Trade; he has said that he can’t win running on it. And neither can Ball.)

    If Wittman moves further to the right, as Tea Party pressure is pushing him to do, many moderate Independent voters will be looking for an acceptable alternative. If Krystal Ball is that alternative, the best they’ll do is stay home on election day. Scott is more likely to pick up their vote.

    Finally, perception. Comparing the speech, bearing and manner of Scott and Krystal side-by-side, which do you think the average middle-class 1st CD voter would identify as “one of us”?

    Shouldn’t 1st CD Dems of 2010 go for a win instead of a losing statement of Progressive Purity?  

    • I certainly couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • JobyTodd

    for Krystal Ball. I support her campaign enthusiastically. She represents the values of what it means to be a progressive and a member of the Democratic Party. Mrs. Ball is a strong supporter of the Public Option. Scott Robinson is timid and yellow on the issue. Either you win or lose on the positions you advocate. Scott Robinson’s stands on a platform of straw and quicksand. Mrs. Ball stands on the values which make me proud to be a “member of the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party.”  

  • Tom Greeson

    Krystal’s campaign is in the Perriello tradition.  A campaign built on intelligence, courageous policy positions and lots of hard work!