Enviro Groups Issue Statement on Clean Energy/Climate Change Legislation


    I agree with the following statement, it’s time to stay focused and get clean energy/climate change legislation done. Now. The planet can’t wait any longer, nor can our energy security or our economy.

    And no, immigration reform should not be an excuse to put off crucial, clean energy and climate change legislation. Last I checked, the Congress was supposed to be able to walk, talk and chew gum at the same time. I see no reason why Congress can’t pass BOTH clean energy/climate change legislation AND immigration reform legislation.

    Everyday the Senate fails to pass clean energy and climate legislation we put our economy, our national security and our environment at greater risk. Americans are demanding the millions of jobs, energy independence, and clean air and water comprehensive legislation can deliver. Inaction is too costly, and the challenge is too urgent.

    The tireless work of Senators Kerry, Graham and Lieberman is proof positive that bipartisan success is well within reach. The House has passed historic legislation; now it is time for the Senate and the White House to stay focused and finish the job. The moment is ours. Now is the time for our leaders to act.

    Alliance for Climate Protection

    Blue Green Alliance

    Environment America

    Environmental Defense Fund

    League of Conservation Voters

    National Wildlife Federation

    Natural Resources Defense Council

    Sierra Club

    Union of Concerned Scientists

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      When the Senate tries to walk, the way is too often blocked by hordes of K St. lobbyists waving campaign contributions. They certainly do talk and talk…unless the GOPers do another of their silent filibusters. Chewing gum seems beyond Mitch McConnell and the rest of the Party of No.

      Now IS the time for our leaders to act.

      (I will never forget Jim Webb’s early description of the Senate in action. He said that sometimes it reminds him of being forced to watch an aquarium. He’s sure right! I’m just amazed at how much he has been able to accomplish in that body.)

    • Teddy Goodson

      are begging, really demanding we stop talking and start doing something about climate change, and remember that we are only custodians of the Earth for future generations.  Clean energy is part of taking care of the Earth (see the video clip of the Canadian 13-year old talking to the Rio Conference on Climate: “The Girl Who Silenced the UN”), my diary today.

    • tx2vadem

      Bill McKibben had a piece in the Washington Post last Friday that summed up where we are.  Here are just a couple of points from that piece that I thought were most salient:

      So when the media and the president hail it as a “landmark,” understand the shifting ground it actually defines: The environmental idea is too weak right now to win passage of a tough bill to deal with our greatest problem. It will settle for half measures, when it gets the chance to settle for anything at all.


      But at least part of the problem lies within environmentalism, which no longer does enough real organizing to build the pressure that could result in real change.

      Generally, I would say that something is better than nothing.  But given the scope of this issue and the scope of the remedy, a poor remedy is something we should avoid.  If all the Senate is going to do is produce something like ACES, then no thank you.  It would be better if the Senators didn’t waste their time.  I think the easiest way to tell whether the Senate bill will really be an effective piece of legislation is whether the Edison Electric Institute (EEI) likes it.  And if you get industry groups beyond them, then we are talking really worthless.  

      Instead of this complex stuff, we should go with something really simple that’s easy to adjust if we find out it is not as effective as we hoped.  And that would be a straight carbon tax.  A portion of it could offset other taxes.  A portion of it could go to helping transition the economy.