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VA Jewish Community: McDonnell creating “unwelcoming environment” for religious minorities


Click on the image for the full letter from the Jewish Federation communities of the Commonwealth. The key paragraph, blasting Bob McDonnell’s  reversal of nondenominational requirements for State Police chaplains.

“It leads us toward unnecessary religious clashes, demeans our Commonwealth’s Jeffersonian principles and creates an unwelcoming environment for the Commonwealth’s Jewish citizens and other religious minorities,” six representatives of the groups wrote. “A final concern is the likelihood that revisiting this guidance would ultimately lead to litigation costly to our Commonwealth.”

Once again, Bob McDonnell proves that he is at least as interested in pushing his divisive, Pat Robertson-inspired social agenda on Virginia, rather than focusing laser-like on jobs, jobs, jobs. And that’s not even taking his “bad cop,” Attorney General Ken Kookinelli, into account. As always, elections have consequences. Unfortunately, in this case, those consequences are largely bad ones.

  • Teddy Goodson

    pissing off one of the more job-creating, culture-supporting segments of the Commonwealth. Have the Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist segments also sent him letters? How about the poor Episcopalians—- they at least were the established church back ye goode olde days in this Crown Colony.