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Bob McDonnell Runs Screaming From Ken Cuccinelli?


Watch this video by NBC 12 and judge for yourself. Key quotes:

1. “I’d have to let you defer to the attorney general on that on that one, on what he is doing and why he is doing it. He is seperatley elected.”

2. “What the Attorney General’s theroies are, I only know what I read in the paper about it. I have not spoken to him about it.”

  • Dutch

    You have to admit Lowell, this was handled nicely. This is where I wanted to see the Republican party go in the future. Pro-business and economic development, balanced budgets, innovative solutions,  but also try to find a balance between the rights of the religious and the rights of the individual.

    And contain a wild lawsuit slinging AG who should learn to pick his battles wisely. I mean for God’s sake, the man is suing his own state.

    All smiles on this one 🙂

    Sorry for the troll.