Arlington Democrats Vote 74-0 Against Change of Government Resolution


    I just got back from the Arlington County Democratic Committee (ACDC) meeting, at which the change of government resolution was discussed. I was going to say “debated,” but the representative for those supporting the change of government resolution, Mike Staples of the Fire Fighters Union, decided earlier today that he would not be attending the debate.  

    So, in the end, the ACDC only heard from former Arlington County Manager Ron Carlee, former, who spoke strongly against changing Arlington County’s form of government from the County Manager Plan form to the County Board form. In the end, Ron Carlee’s side prevailed, with ACDC voting unanimously, 74-0, on a resolution opposing the referendum, and instructing the ACDC to work to persuade Arlington voters not to support it.

    P.S. The discussion tonight, particularly Ron Carlee’s powerful opening remarks, convinced me to strongly oppose the change of government resolution. I am now convinced that this is very bad public policy, and would be a major mistake if Arlington were to move in this direction.  


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