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Another Major Accomplishment for President Obama and the Democrats


Of course, there will always be people – I believe they’re called “Republicans” – who won’t give President Obama and the Democrats any credit for anything.  Despite that, this is yet another major accomplishment, in addition to all of these, by the 111th Congress and the Obama White House. Now, on to comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation, plus comprehensive immigration reform, and this will go down in history as one of the greatest 2-year periods of legislative accomplishment in U.S. history.  See what happens when Democrats “grab a mop” to clean up the mess the Republicans made before we booted them out of office?

  • jsrutstein

    These achievements will prove more satisfying in the end.

    I heard some cable host last night allege that Obama’s accomplished more already than Clinton did in two terms.  The guest rebutted with 23 million new jobs created.  And there’s still an effort by the Republicans to burnish Bush’s legacy, talking about keeping us safe, after 9/11, naturally.

    Of course, we shouldn’t blame Obama for the messes he inherited or for things like the oil spill.  We also shouldn’t credit Presidents for good things that happened to have happened or for bad things that didn’t.  I don’t even blame Obama for raising our hopes with talk of change, and by the same token, I don’t feel sorry for him.  After all, it was his decision to take on the presumptive frontrunner, Hillary Clinton.

    As difficult as it is now to enact major legislation, it will undoubtedly be tougher in the next Congress.  Democrats would be wise to support Obama going into this November’s elections.  The more-red-than-purple districts are probably already lost.  I don’t know what the magic number is, but minimal Republican gains and a few key Dem holds might be enough to embolden the Dems and Obama to ramp up the rhetoric next year, even if actual accomplishments are few.

    Maximizing party unity with Obama joining Dems on the ballot in 2012 will motivate Obama to listen to his base, because he’ll need us.  The biggest mistake Obama and the Dems can make would be to spurn the base and move rightward.  Not only would it be objectionable on moral grounds, but also the Republicans will continue to fracture on their own.  The last thing Obama and the Dems should do is give them a reason to unify should they sense we’re vulnerable.

    Let them mistake Obama’s lack of Clinton’s salesmanship and Bush’s bluster for weakness.  Call their bluff, because I guarantee they’re bluffing.